Tom And Jerry Cocktail: The History Behind The Classic Drink
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Remember the childhood days when you were snuggled in bed on a chilly winter day? All you needed on such days was some cartoon with hot milk. Even though the cartoon series Tom and Jerry have no direct connection with the Tom and Jerry cocktail, they both have the potential to give you the comfort and warmth you might need.

When it comes to mixology, you’d seldom be required to make a batter to make a cocktail, but this Christmas classic drink makes it to the rare list. Made from eggs, spices, brandy, and rum, this cocktail is a must-try, especially if you are a fan of eggnog. And you don’t have to wait for the festive season. Make it at home with an easy recipe described in this article.

A Brief History Of Tom And Jerry Cocktail

There are many stories from the 19th century that tell about the origins of the famous – Tom and Jerry cocktail. One of the most-believed narratives revolves around a British journalist, Pierce Egan. He gave out the recipe of Tom and Jerry in his book called “Life in London” back in 1821. However, there are many conflicting stories on how the drink got its name.

Some people say that the cocktail didn’t get its name till a bartender named Jerry Thomas made the drink at Planters House Hotel in St. Louis. Another theory is that the characters in the British writer’s book were called Jerry and Tom, who used to create trouble in the streets of London. Anyhow, the drink got its due popularity in the 20th century and turned out to become a Christmas tradition in most households.

How To Make Tom And Jerry Cocktail

Why should you wait for Christmas when you can easily feel the festival with this recipe? Follow these steps and travel time!


  1. Eggs - 2
  2. Powdered sugar - 1 tablespoon
  3. Rum - 45 ml
  4. Cognac or brandy - 45 ml
  5. Hot water
  6. Hot milk
  7. Vanilla essence
  8. Nutmeg and cloves for garnishing


  1. Warm up a coffee mug by rinsing it with hot water.
  2. Take the eggs and separate the yolks and whites.
  3. In one bowl, beat the egg whites.
  4. In another bowl, mix the egg yolks with sugar, rum, brandy or cognac, and vanilla extract.
  5. Add the beaten egg whites to this mixture and whisk till smooth.
  6. Finally, add warm milk and stir it.
  7. Pour the drink into the hot coffee mug and garnish with nutmeg and cloves.