The World Is Drinking These 6 Christmas Drinks As Traditions, Which One Are You?
Image Credit: From Gluwhein to hot buttered rum, these Christmas beverages are sipped across the globe.

Do you feel the spirits of Christmas in the air? We definitely do. With not much time left until Christmas, we can’t hold our excitement any longer. The thought of brightly lit Christmas trees, caroling sessions and a happy and pleasant vibe in the air makes us want to jump into the time machine and head to Christmas straight away. Sadly, just when we were thinking that the health situation is getting slightly better, the fear of the new variant Omicron is looming large over our heads. We might not be able to have large gatherings and those lavish Christmas parties this year too but does that mean we dim our spirits? Not a chance. 

Come holiday season, all you can hear one talk about is the Christmas eve dinner, lavish Christmas brunch and the Christmas night dinner. Feasts are a huge part of this festive celebration. From roasted turkey to glazed ham and mince pies, the spread is filled with all things sweet and savoury. Not to miss out on the star of the day, the Christmas plum cake and the Christmas pudding. While you’re drooling just at the thought of these lip-smacking delicacies, wouldn’t you like the idea of washing them down with some delicious drinks? 

Around the globe, people have been drinking some special drinks on Christmas which have become tradition overtime. It is possible that you’re thinking of mulled wine or eggnog at this point, but there’s more. Say cheers to some of the most loved traditional drinks that are sipped during Christmas in different parts of the world. 

1.  Wassail From UK 

The warm ale punch is a special holiday drink for the Brits. The drink is made from cider or ale along with a fruity and spicy touch to it with the use of nutmeg, cardamom, ginger and apples. The origins of this warming drink can be traced back to a Saxon maiden who tricked a King into marrying her by using a bowl of Wassail. This same bowl is believed to have also given rise to the practice of caroling, where people would offer sips of wassail by singing out loud, in return for gifts. Cider was intrinsic to the drink so it is also a tale that people would appease the fruit trees by singing to them, praying for a good harvest. 

2.  Gluwhein From Germany 

Hasn’t the Internet talked you enough into drinking mulled wine? Well, we’ve got a new variation on our radar this season. It is this German mulled wine called Gluwhein. Like a warm hug on cold nights, Gluwhein’s earliest mentions can be found in the 1400s when a special silver container was devised for drinking this unique variation. The flavours of brandy and spices with the colours of citrus often classify this concoction as glow wine. 

3.  Bellini From Italy 

This sparkling wine and peach combination makes for a great Christmas drink. The Bellini from Venice was first introduced in the 1930s and takes its interesting name from the renowned Italian artist Giovanni Bellini. While you may find various fruity versions today, the original concoction was made with Prosecco and peach puree. The flute glasses are poured with the puree first and then the Prosecco is topped onto it, made from a special glera grape which lends the drink a distinct sweet taste. 

4.  Hot Buttered Rum From US 

The idea of hot buttered rum sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Well, it tastes just as good as it sounds. A concoction of rum, butter, spices and some cider brought together in one hot beverage gained momentum when molasses were exported to America from Jamaica during the 17th century. Dropping in some rum in the hot beverages, we got one of the most delicious drinks for Christmas from the US. The aroma is so tantalizing that you wouldn’t be able to resist another sip. 

5.  Coquito From Puerto Rico 

This creamy and classic holiday drink is a Puerto Rican version of eggnog. Made with coconut milk, coconut cream and condensed milk, the drink is rightly called Coquito which means ‘little coconut’ in the native language. The highlight of the drink is definitely the special Puerto Rican rum which is best savoured in the homemade versions. 

6.  Poppy Seed Milk From Lithuania 

Very different from the usual traditional drinks of Christmas, this poppy seed milk is quite a tedious job. With long hours of soaking, crushing and straining the seeds, this water-diluted drink is sweetened and served as part of the 12 traditional dishes of the Christmas feast in Lithuania. 

Other than these, Mexicans sip on their Rompopes while the Chileans devour their Colemono on Christmas day.