Tips And Tricks: How To Use A Hand Mixer While Cooking?
Image Credit: Ways to use hand mixer in the kitchen

A hand mixer is an electric appliance that comes with a whisk and hook attachments for mixing batter and dough. While this doesn’t blend your food like a mixer-grinder, it surely makes small tasks like whisking quite easy and smooth. Whether you’re baking a cake or a muffin or blending dosa batter for lunch, the hand mixer comes in handy.

For instance, even for something as basic as shredding chicken, you wouldn’t need to put in that much effort to make it work. You can always ditch the fork and use the hand mixer to shred it and add it to your salads and sandwiches. Moreover, it is great for making dips, sauces, and other condiments too.

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Here are some ways in which you can use the hand mixer while cooking:

1.  Churning Lassi/Chhach 

The popular Indian summer drinks that provide relief during the sweltering heat of the season, lassi and chhach, require a lot of whisking and churning. To ease the process, a hand mixer can be used. It gives creamy and milky beverages made with curd a smooth and frothy texture that tastes heavenly.

2.   Whipping Cream 

Whipped cream is a common ingredient in desserts such as cake and muffins, as well as a topping for coffee and other beverages. The trick is to use chilled whipping cream and to slightly chill the hand mixer before whipping the cream. This ensures that you get thick and soft peaks while using the hand mixer and that the job is done quickly.

3.   Making Dosa And Vada Batter

These South Indian treats are usually made with rice flour and dal batter, respectively. To make the most delicious dosas and vadas, the trick is to ace the batter. It should be smooth and without any lumps. The semi-thick batter ensures a good final outcome. To assist you in this process, a hand mixer might be what you need to make the batter airy and spongy in a matter of minutes.

4.   Mashing Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are a requirement, not just as a side dish but often to be added to other dishes. Take aloo ka paratha, for instance. The dough filling is that of mashed potatoes, spruced up with spices and coriander leaves. Instead of wringing your hands, use a hand mixer to mash those hard-boiled potatoes. Your mashed stuffing would be ready in no time.

5.   Churning The Butter

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If you come from a desi family, you're probably used to making your own butter and ghee. The freshness and flavour of homemade butter and ghee are unparalleled and a culinary delight. While whisking and churning the curd to obtain butter can be tedious, you can always opt for a hand mixer to simplify the process.