Buying Kadhai For Indian Cooking? Consider These 5 Tips
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A kadhai is a necessary part of every Indian kitchen. It is a highly flexible piece of cookware. The greatest kadhai for the kitchen comes into play when frying dishes. Kadhais are one of the most popular cooking vessels in Indian households. The sturdy construction and large surface area make it easy to prepare various foods. There is a wide range of Kadhai options in terms of size, style, and cost. Consequently, picking out the best kadhai for your cooking needs might be a little of a challenge. 

Use these guidelines to choose an excellent Kadhai for your Indian kitchen.


Kadhais come in various sizes, from 1.5 to 7.5 litres. It's essential to consider your needs, preferred cooking methods and how many people are in your family while selecting a Kadhai. Larger Kadhais are more appropriate for bigger families. You can get away with a smaller one if your family is smaller than four people.

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Another factor to consider is the kadhai's thickness. You can use a kadhai with more consistency for deep frying. However, you might choose a thinner one and more suitable for everyday use. You get to set the thickness to precisely what you need.

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To avoid burning your hands, the handle of the kadhai should be heat-resistant. These utensils often feature a metal, silicone or stainless steel handle, each of which has its own pros and cons. Handles made of silicone, for instance, can withstand extreme temperatures without melting. The handles of most kadhais are either rounded or straight. Decide whether you prefer round or straight grips.

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The heavier kadhais will be, the more challenging to wield. If the utensil is excessively heavy, transporting it will be impossible. So, make sure you pick a lightweight kadhai. However, a heavy kadhai also offers better stability while cooking. 



If you're in the market looking for a new kadhai for your kitchen, it's essential to consider the material it's built from. Stainless steel, cast iron, copper, stainless steel with aluminium, and non-stick aluminium are the most popular choices here. There are clay ones too. 

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To sum it up!

Kadhai is an essential piece of cookware found in almost all homes. You should review its features and characteristics following this guide. However, before purchasing a kadhai for Indian cooking, ensure it meets your needs.