7 Pans You Need To Become A Pro At Indian Cooking

If you’ve ever been betrayed by cookware, you know that the right tools really can make a difference. I’ve spent hours waiting for dal to cook in a saucepan, burnt tadkas by using frying pans and watched as rotis refused to rise in a skillet and I can say for sure, making good Indian food takes more than just following the recipe right. 

Specialised pans all have different thicknesses and materials to ensure that they perform their given tasks to perfection. So if Indian food is a staple on your menu, here are 7 pans to start stocking to ensure you can ace every dish without a challenge. 


No Indian meal is truly complete without bread, and to make the perfect parathas or round rotis, you need a tawa. Tawas are a staple of any Indian kitchen and can be used for a number of purposes. In a pinch, they’re also good for dosa and uttapam, but even your daily morning toast has found a home with these flat-bottomed pans. 



A heavy-duty kadhai will be the staple cooking buddy if Indian food is your jam. Similar to the wok in China, its deep bottom allows you to fry, saute and simmer, all in the same pan which means you can build on flavours without switching to new pans. Perfect for anything from dry sabzis to curries, the Kadhai is a heavy hitter for all occasions.

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Pressure Cooker

They may not seem essential, but once you’ve sampled the magic of a pressure cooker there’s no going back. It cuts down your cooking time for everything by using steam instead of direct heat to cook. You can make dal on the daily or get a perfectly tender meat curry in a pressure cooker in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

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Tadka Pan Or Spoon

Give any dal or curry an instant flavour boost with a tadka. Having a dedicated pan or spoon on hand for tadkas means less clean-up and a more controlled heat than simply making your tadka in a frying pan. Also, because you’re working with high heat and spices which burn easily, a tadka pan makes it easier to get the perfect fry and tip it out before it burns.



These all-purpose pots come in a variety of sizes (usually in sets) and can be used for all your miscellaneous kitchen tasks. Boiling vegetables, making your morning chai or even for making rice. The flat bottom also means they can be used to serve as well which helps cut down on washing up.

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Steamer/Idli Pan

If you’re a South Indian food fan you need to have an idli steamer in your life. But it can be used for so much more than just idlis. You can make momos, dhoklas, modaks and even Asian dumplings and bao buns in this bad boy. The potential of a steamer is truly only limited by your imagination.


Saute Pan

For any dishes that require a combination of boiling and sauteing, then a high topped saute pan will do the trick. The flat bottom ensures even heat distribution so you can make dishes like biryani or pulao, or any pan-fried dishes like chicken 65 without hassle. And if you’re wondering, you could also use a kadhai but you wouldn’t get a flat layer that cooks evenly.