Time To Spruce Up Your Homemade Meatloaf With 5 Luscious Glazes
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image by @wifeofahuntercooks

On a chilly evening, we all crave for a dish that is rich, flavorful,delicious and ultimately comforting. Well, if  meatloafs are on your mind right now, we have some fantastic ways you can douse it in loads of flavors. Meatball is a delicious cousin of Dutch meatballs that is eaten all around the world. It is a palatable dish of ground meat that is prepared using tons of ingredients and carving it into a shape of loads. Meatloaf is considered to be a comfort food in many countries simply because of how it can be with hearty ingredients and minimal effort. Making meatballs involves wrapping it around zesty fillings and finishing it off with a shiny glaze. For the unversed, Glaze is a glossy, translucent coating applied to the outer surface of a dish by dipping, dripping, or using a brush. Glazing makes any dish super flavorful and brings out additional taste and flavors. We have compiled a mini list of sweet and savory glazes that can amp your succulent meatloafs in a blink.  Here are 5 ways you can enjoy this tantalizing dish 

1. Herbed Cream Sauce

Using herbed cream sauce is an excellent choice if you want your meatloaf to be extra creamy and filled with flavors of aromatic herbs.

2. Balsamic Glaze

Most meatloafs are made with a balsamic glaze as it’s super delicious. A balsamic glaze is blended with honey, vinegar, brown sugar and maple syrup.  

3. Marmalade glaze 

Have you ever tried using marmalade over your meatloaf. To experience fruit flavors and juicy taste, try out this marmalade glaze. 

4. Tangy Ketchup Glaze

Looking for something sweet rather than spicy? A tangy ketchup glaze will give your meat loaf a perfect sweeter note.  

5. Bbq Sauce Glaze

Glazing your meatloaf with a fiery bbq sauce is an amazing way to pack it with smoky flavors. 

These flavorful glazes are sure to bring a kick of appetizing flavors to your meatloaf. Try them out soon.