Those Under 21 Banned From Buying Whipped Cream Cans In New York
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e know that one needs to reach a certain age, before being allowed to consume alcohol and tobacco. Buying or selling these products below the legal age is considered a crime. But did you know there are certain other food products that require age-proofing before being purchased? A new law in New York has stirred confusion after it was stated that those buying whipped cream would first need to show their ID.  

According to a news report, people below the age of 21 cannot buy whipped cream in New York. Mashed reported that as per the new law that has been recently passed in New York, people would need to produce ID proof to buy whipped cream from any grocery store in the state. The law deems it illegal for people below the age of 21 to buy whipped cream cans. Now, you may be wondering why such a harmless product has been put under such scrutiny. Read on. 

While it may sound bizarre at first, the decision has been taken after grave observation. According to an NBC New York report, whipped cream cans are often used by youngsters as inhalants to trick their cognitive abilities. "Some teens use nitrous oxide (a.k.a. laughing gas) in the whipped cream canister to get high, more commonly referred to as doing 'whippits' (or whip-its)," the report reads. 

New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo, who sponsored the bill, took to Twitter to announce the news, and also cleared certain misinterpretations regarding the new law. Clarifying that he did not ask people to not buy whipped cream altogether, he said that he in fact said that buying individual cartridges for the whipped cream cans is illegal for people below 21. 

"Clarification for the misinterpretation of the state law regarding the sale of whipped cream canisters, which should be allowed," he wrote. Take a look:

 It was further reported that the New York State Senator referred to the legislation as an important step "in combatting a significant problem". What are your thoughts on the new law? Share with us.