This Vasant Panchami, Relish These 4 Kesari Delicacies On The Festive Platter
Image Credit: Festivities and food are in order!

After a lot of pomp and show for Lohri and Makar Sankranti in North India and Pongal in the South, India is gearing up for another festival now i.e. Vasant Panchami. Given the agricultural economy of our country, it is but natural that harvest and agriculture-related festivals are a big deal for the population. The large fields of Punjab and Haryana are known for growing a variety of crops and providing food to the rest of the nation. Vasant Panchami marks the onset of the spring season and welcomes the time of beautiful flora with a lot of cheer and spirit.  

For those untouched by the phenomenon, Vasant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the month according to the Hindu calendar and marks the birth of Goddess Saraswati too. The name Vasant is derived from the spring season which is called so. This season is associated with the colour yellow and so you would notice everything yellow around you on Vasant Panchami. The significance of this colour is that it is believed to be symbolic of prosperity, happiness and knowledge. That’s the reason that Basant Panchami is celebrated as Saraswati Puja in several other parts of India.  

Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. On this day, people worship the lord by wearing yellow-coloured clothes and eating yellow delicacies. It is considered auspicious as yellow signifies optimism and light. Several rituals are performed in various households on this day and people relish several sweet and savoury dishes.  

Here are some of the kesari traditional dishes that you can enjoy this Vasant Panchami.  

1.   Kesari Bhaat   

This is one of the most popular delicacies in Punjabi households. Also known as meethe chawal (sweet rice), this saffron-flavoured rice is doused with oodles of sugar and nuts to give it a rich texture. The dish is filled with chopped raisins, cashew nuts and green cardamom. The bright yellow-coloured rice not only tastes good but smells aromatic too.  

2.   Kesari Halwa  

Another saffron-flavoured dessert that is gorged on by the people during these festivities, kesari halwa is a special halwa made from sooji and sugar. Melt-in-your-mouth, this sweet halwa is a heavenly treat that is loaded with pistachios, cashews and many more nuts. Also known as kesar sheera, this dessert is commonly eaten in Gujarati and Maharashtrian households.  

3.   Kesari Kheer  

Kheer, for the unversed, is a creamy Indian milk pudding that is generally made with either vermicelli or rice. This kesari kheer is made with thin and short-grained white rice. The essence of a few saffron strands does wonders to this otherwise pure white-coloured dessert. It not only adds a vibrant yellow colour to the dish but also a distinct aroma.  

4.   Kesari Shrikhand  

This is a well-known dessert dish of Maharashtra that is often eaten on special occasions. Made from strained yoghurt, this creamy dessert is doused with some saffron strands to give it a bright colour and a fresh taste.