This Restaurant In Bangkok Serves Soup That Is Half-Century Old
Image Credit: The soup pot has been boiling for nearly 50 years | Instagram - @eatwithyanyan

Bangkok is a great place to visit, vacation, and have a good time with your friends and family. The place has beautiful tourist spots, and on top of that, it has several amazing eateries, both legendary and new ones. Among the many iconic places that you can go and eat at, there is a restaurant that makes the bold claim of serving you soup that is 50 years old!

Yes, you read that right! Wattana Panich in Bangkok is best known for its beef and goat soup, which was first cooked half a century ago. And it is indeed their bestseller, with people flocking from all around the world to try and taste the delicious soup. It is a place of tourist attraction now that the news is all over social media and this piece of wonder is going viral in every part of the planet. Every foodie and every traveller is wondering what the hype about the 50-year-old soup is. 

Credits | Instagram - @eatwithyanyan

This soup in question is kept boiling from the early hours of the day until the night, and it is served in bowls to people who go to Wattana Panich to taste it. The pot is constantly boiling, and more broth, meat, and vegetables are added to it throughout the day to serve the customers. And the most interesting part about it is that this soup contains portions of the first batch of soup made almost 50 years ago! 

The place is a family-run business, with Nattapong Kaweenuntawong, the owner of the restaurant taking reigns of the front desk, while his mother cooks the soup. The business started with his father making this legendary soup and starting the shop in the busy street of Bangkok. Made with beef, noodles and herbs, a serving of the soup costs around Rs 500 or $6. 

Well, if you have doubts about hygiene considering that half a decade is a long time to keep the same pot of soup boiling, fear not! Every night after the shop is closed for the customers, the leftover soup is kept in a bowl, and the pot in which the soup is kept is cleaned thoroughly. Then the next day, the old batch of soup is used to make a new one. And this process has been going on every single day for the past fifty years, which means every single sip of the soup that you take has some part of a half-decade of history that the pot of soup has seen! Also, because the soup is continuously on the flame, boiling and reducing throughout the day, the bacteria get killed, and the soup is not just safe; it is also super delicious to consume.  

So, if the foodie in you is looking for some adventure and the travel buff in you wants to have a sip of history in a bowl, Wattana Panich in Bangkok is the place that you should look to visit, relish, and enjoy!