Navratri: Eat Kuttu For Lunch In 4 Interesting Ways
Image Credit: This Navratri, enjoy the vrat ka khana with these recipes.

There is no time of the year when celebrations are not taking place. Given the variety of Indian festivals and high spirits, you will find some kind of festivity happening in one part of the country or another. After Janmashtami, Teej and Rakhi, it is time for Navratri

The last day of the nine-day long fasts is called Navami. On this day, kanjak is set up at home where ten girls are called over to one’s house and fed with a special feast of kala chana, poori and halwa. However, during the week of Navratri, you are expected to abstain from the consumption of meat, alcohol, garlic, onion, legumes, grains etc. Since these restrictions are to be followed by those who are observing fasts, it is important to look for alternatives. 

Sabudana is a popular choice when it comes to Navratri and so is kuttu. Kuttu, also known as buckwheat flour, is used in place of wheat and rice flour to prepare a variety of dishes. The flour is not only a nutritious source of proteins and is good for the gut. It is low in calories so it is often recommended by dieticians too. 

If you planning to keep the Navratri vrat this year, here are some kuttu recipes that you can have for lunch. 

1.  Meetha Kuttu Chilla 

Chilla or poora is an Indian-style pancake that is made using flour, water and sugar. Instead of all-purpose flour or maida, take kuttu ka atta and mix it in water to make a nice batter. Sweeten it with granules of sugar and add some black pepper to it. Spread it on a tawa and cook it in the shape you want. 

2.  Kuttu Ke Atte Ki Kadhi 

The usual kadhi might involve besan fritters with onions but this is a delicious way to make kadhi too. Get together the kuttu ka atta and potatoes and mash it together into the shape of a fritter. Make the gravy with curd, rock salt, curry leaves and other spices. Dunk in the fritters and eat with kuttu roti. 

3.  Kuttu Atta Kachori 

The crispy and deep-fried Indian snack is actually a great way to satiate your appetite during lunch too. The kachori is made with kuttu ka atta and stuffed with a spicy masala instead of any lentils. It is usually paired with a special vrat wale raseedar aloo. 

4.  Kuttu Dahi Wada 

If you are looking for a light and easy lunch which keeps you cool during summers, then try this kutti dahi wada. The crispy wada is made from kuttu atta and then covered in generous amounts of fresh curd. Garnished with black pepper, red chillies, ginger, cumin and coriander leaves, this tastes really good.