This Is The Proper Way Of Drinking Water
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Sit down to drink water

Ayurveda (and naturopathy) contends that drinking water while standing prevents the water's nutrients from being absorbed since the water passes swiftly through the colon. Numerous health problems, including arthritis, kidney damage, and gerd, might result from this.

Do not drink at one go, take slow and small sips

Take small sips rather than downing it all at once for a few reasons: First, since saliva is alkaline by nature, water should be given time to interact with saliva, which stabilises stomach acid. Additionally, drinking calms your digestive system. Thirdly, consuming it all at once may irritate your stomach.

Keep sipping throughout the day

Drinking water throughout the day will make you feel fuller and reduce your cravings. You won't overeat because of this. Frequently, feeling hungry is a sign of thirst. So, always take a drink of water to check your appetite.

Don't drink water that is too cold

The ideal water to drink is room temperature since it quenches your thirst more effectively than cold water. Your digestive juices can be killed by the shock of cold water. In fact, Ayurveda claims that drinking cold water with meals might be harmful to your digestive system.

Don't drink too much water before meals

You risk overfilling your stomach with water if you consume water just before a meal. Your stomach won't have enough room to carry out digestion as a result. According to Ayurveda, your stomach should be half full of food, a quarter full of water, and a quarter empty to aid with digestion (as well as juices).

Right timings 

1. When you first wake up, drink two glasses of water.

2. Drink some water 20 to 30 minutes prior to eating.

3. Drink some water before you take a shower.


4. Prior to going to bed, sip some water.

5. Water should be consumed both before and after exercise.

6. Don't consume from a bottle

7. Don't consume too much at once

8. When you're sick, drink more water.