Ayurvedic Way Of Drinking Water To Stay Healthy
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Water makes up a substantial part of our bodies. It exists in the forms of urine, sweat, cerebrospinal fluid, cytoplasm, serum, saliva, nasal secretions, and plasma. We need to drink enough water for sound health and reduce the risk of dehydration. The majority of us get baffled about the right amount. Meanwhile, we must pay attention to how water is ingested. Ayurveda is one of the ancient holistic health sciences, and it has documented every essential edible, potable and herb for our wellbeing. Apart from several methods to treat illnesses and health issues, Ayurveda has methodically mentioned the right way, amount, kind and time to drink water.

Its principles contend that how you choose to drink water has a bearing on your general health. Thus, it highlights that water intake doesn't simply mean gulping gallons of water. Now the question arises: Are you drinking water the recommended way?

Let's do it the Ayurvedic way!

Start the day with water

Drinking water as the first thing every morning is a good practice, says Ayurveda. It's called Ushapan. When you drink it upon waking up, it aids your body in flushing toxins out, and your intestines are cleansed.

Sit down to sip it

Often we don't pay attention to our posture while eating and drinking. In a hurry or when we are parched, we guzzle down water in a standing position. Do you know this unmindfulness can lead to joint pain and kidney malfunction? Drinking water in standing position strips of water's nutritional value to reach different body parts. Ayurveda suggests one must sit down, drink water, and let it pass through the organs. 

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Take thirst as a sign

When your body needs water badly, it will alert you with signals. According to Ayurveda, you should only drink water when thirsty. The same amount of water cannot be advised to everyone because each person has a unique body. Knowing your cues for thirst is essential since the body cannot absorb too much water. Try avoiding becoming overly full.

Slow drinking does a lot of good

Never go to a point when you gulp down water in a hasty manner to quench your thirst. No matter how parched you are, drink it sip by sip and relaxedly. The saliva in your mouth blends when you consume water. It supports maintaining the stomach's acid balance.

Say no to cold water

Boiling water, Image Credit: Unsplash

Wondering why? Compare your digestive system with the gas stove in your kitchen. It functions well when the heat ratio is in place. Likewise, the moment you consume cold water straight from the refrigerator, it takes a toll on your digestive heat. And it leads to several unnecessary complications. Ensure that you are drinking warm or room-temperature water. 

Concentrated water does wonders

We all know that many food, essence, and drinks work wonders when consumed in concentrated form. It applies to water as well. Instead of buying commercially hyped water claiming numerous health benefits, DIY at home. To improve digestion, boil clean water and reduce it to half or one-third or one-fourth of its original volume. For example, condense one litre of water to 500 ml and drink it. 

Follow these simple tips, and experience how water can boost your health.