This High-Protein Veg Bhurji Does Not Contain Paneer Or Egg

If you are a vegetarian who is trying lose weight or gain more muscle, then you are aware that it is going to be slightly more challenging for you. Given you cannot take meat or eggs (the complete sources of protein), you have to rely on the plant-based sources of protein that do not contain all essential amino acids. That said, there’s nothing to worry about, as supermarkets and local grocery stores are now packed with many good quality, plant-based protein sources that could be a value addition to your diet, and with some mix and match you would never feel the need to have meat or eggs ever. Oats are one such fine protein source that the world is going gaga about. In addition to protein, oats also contain good amount of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Both fibre and protein take a while to breakdown and digest. This makes you feel full for a longer spell, thus preventing you from nibbling into something salty, sweet or fattening.  

Oats are also good for skin, heart and gut owing to the many antioxidants and minerals present in the superfood. Now oats may not be native to India, and most of you are right to assume that it is more of a ‘British’ food, but the superfood is very, very versatile. It is great in puddings and crumbles, it is equally fab as a ‘bhurji’. That’s right, Bhurji is an Indian dish, where typically eggs or paneer are scrambled and mixed with spices. It is dry in consistency and moderately spicey. It is best paired with rice or roti.  

In this oats recipe, cooking oats are cooked with mustard seeds, onions, chillies, boiled peas, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, turmeric powder, and more. It is cooked on medium flame with minimal oil, you can choose the oil of your liking. Opt for the healthiest, neutral flavour oil to avoid calories. Mix it up well, cook till it is fragrant. Serve it with multi-grain atta roti or have as is, the choice is yours. The dish is so wholesome, you barely need anything else to go with it. Try this easy, peasy recipe soon and let us know how you liked it.