A dish without tomatoes in it is, well, not a dish. Agreed? Even the basic sandwiches and burgers require some tomato slices for that tinge of flavour. From a soul-soothing tomato soup to some spicy salsa dip or even a flavourful marinara, no matter what you are making using tomatoes, the first step most of the time is to remove the peels. 

And removal of peels is often done by the process of blanching - heating up tomatoes until they boil, and then immersing them in cold water in order to remove the peels. However, this procedure can often be long and time-consuming. Thus, extending the time spent preparing dishes. But there is an easier way to do it, and the internet is once again here to help you with it. An amazing hack to peel tomatoes has surfaced online, and all you need is just five minutes. In a video shared by food blogger @jaxfoodhax, who is known to share creative hacks and ways to simplify cooking processes, we see the whole process of peeling the tomatoes simplified in a fuss-free manner. Take a look:

 In the simple trick, the blogger first slices the tomatoes in half. Then, she drizzled some olive oil in a pan and heated it on medium flame. Once the oil was hot, she added the tomato halves in the pan and closed the lid, allowing the tomatoes to heat up for just five minutes. She then came back and removed the lid, the tomato peels could easily be removed by just pinching the fruit with two fingers. Isn’t that amazing? No more heating and immersing the tomatoes in cold water, just five minutes on heat and you’re done. The hack went viral and was shared on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram. 

How simple and fuss-free, right? This amazing hack is truly the simplest way to peel tomatoes in a jiffy. So, if you’re planning a house party with multiple batches of tomatoes to peel, this amazing hack will surely come in handy. The blogger suggested making pizza sauce with these batches of tomatoes, so if you are planning to make some pizza for the house party, we’ve got you covered with a brilliant pizza sauce recipe. 

This recipe of pizza sauce uses cans of tomato sauce but since you have tomatoes peeled already you can easily blend it at home. Make sure to adjust the quantity of tomatoes accordingly. The sauce then simply combines basil, pepper, oregano, salt, sugar, garlic and onion powder. A flavourful, quick, and easy pizza sauce would be ready in less than an hour for your homemade pizza. Click here for the full recipe.