This Coloured Omurice Is Ruling The Internet

Omurice, which is a Japanese name for ‘omelette and rice,’ is an omelette wrapped around fried rice and topped with ketchup—a prime example of how Western cuisine has influenced Japanese cooking. Omurice is a dish that is prepared at home and served in diners with a Western aesthetic in Japan. The most popular ingredient in this dish is chicken, which is stir-fried with rice and ketchup. There are, however, other variations, such as using different meats and vegetables and omitting the ketchup altogether in favour of beef broth or demi-glace. You can either drape the egg over a mound of rice that has been spooned onto a plate or wrap it around the rice like a burrito. In either case, adding ketchup as a garnish is typical. 

But this inventive omurice has the internet drooling. We have discovered a social media creator who ingeniously makes the simple foods rice and omelettes. The typical omelette and rice colour scheme is not used in his cooking. They appear unique and colourful. It's true that this designer is making omurice in pastel hues, and we adore it! 

We can't quit watching the footage of this artisan producing these colourful platters of omelette and rice. His culinary skills and the attention to detail on his platters astound us. As we already stated, his inventions are pure works of art. Check out the dishes he shared online in blue, peach, black, green, and yellow in the meantime. 

Image credit: Instagram/ omurice_omelette

 "omurice omelette" is the username used by the creator. The profile is replete with numerous variations of this modest dish, true to its name. Additionally, his fans are really interested in learning how he creates such attractive, pastel-coloured dishes that more closely resemble dessert than regular meals.  

Well, we appreciate the popularity of colourful omurice, we would like to share its authentic recipe. 


1 tbsp vegetable oil, for frying 

½ pound boneless chicken breast, cut into small pieces 

½ medium onion, chopped 

4 white mushrooms, sliced 

1 pepper green pepper, cored and finely chopped 

4 cups Japanese rice, steamed 

Salt to taste 

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste 

¼ cup ketchup, plus more for serving 

8 large eggs, divided 


Chicken should be sauteed in hot vegetable oil until golden. Add the green pepper, onion, and mushrooms to the skillet and cook everything together until it is tender. Stir-fry the mixture while adding the steamed rice to the pan. Add additional pepper and salt to taste. After removing the pan from the heat, stir in the ketchup. Rice that has been seasoning is set aside. In a large skillet, heat about 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. In a small bowl, beat two eggs. Fill the skillet with the egg. Create a circular omelette by quickly spreading the egg. Fold the top and bottom of the omelette over the rice after placing 1/4 of the seasoned rice in the centre. Place a plate over the frying pan and carefully flip it over to transfer the omurice to the plate. To make multiple omurice, repeat the cooking and flipping procedure.