BTS’ Jimin Makes ‘Biryani’ Trend On Twitter

Even if you aren’t a K-Pop fan, you cannot deny that the Korean music industry is an absolute rage across the world today. It is difficult to describe the frenzy, because their popularity is truly unprecedented. Not like the world has not seen Asian pop stars before, but if BTS has announced something, the ‘Army’ will ensure the world knows about it. The ‘BTS Army’ refers to the massive section of fans the Korean boy band has earned across the globe. 

On Sunday, the ‘Desi Army’ was in for a pleasant surprise, when Jimin took to Weverse and shared how he was thinking about what to eat, further he asked them as to what they had eaten. Needless to say, he was flooded with messages, suggestions and recommendations. One of the fans said, “You can try biryani”, adding how it’s very delicious. To this Jimin replied, “It’s Indian food”.  

The fact that Jimin knew about India’s comfort food biryani was too much to handle for the ‘Desi Army’ and soon the dish started trending on Twitter in India. That’s right, that is how Jimin made biryani trend on Twitter without even explicitly mentioning if he had it later or not. Regardless, the Indian fans found a reason to rejoice. “in the kitchen right now cooking aloo wali biryani for my husband Jimin”, wrote a fan. There were several funny memes about Biryani that also made the rounds.

This isn’t the first time a BTS singer has expressed his interest or love for Indian food. In 2019, the band travelled to New Zealand for their reality show Bon Voyage season 4. During their stay, the boys were seen indulging in delicious Indian food like Naan and Paneer. Jimin and Jungkook were particularly seen enjoying a creamy gravy dish as part of their meal in the video that went viral. In June this year, the internet speculated that Jin, another popular member of the band, was eating a Dosa, an Indian crepe. At least the dish on the plate resembled a Masala Dosa.  

The BTS has time and again acknowledged and appreciated their fans from India for their continued support, hope we get to see them indulge in more desi dishes soon. Until then, how about trying this delish biryani recipe?