This Chicken Appetiser Will Impress Your Guests, Recipe Inside

Bhatti Ka Murgh is a traditional Punjabi dish that is adored by chicken lovers around. For your loved ones, make this delicious appetiser recipe and astound everyone with your incredible culinary abilities. In this hot, flavorful recipe, whole chicken legs are marinated in yoghurt, ginger-garlic paste, and ground spices before being covered in cracked whole spices and roasted. You may prepare this simple cuisine for events like potlucks, cat parties, game evenings, and buffets. The whole spices lend pungency and a delightful crunch, while the ground spices give the meat taste. They can be roasted in the oven or cooked on the grill with baking sheet and indirect heat. In either instance, the secret to the rich flavour and golden crispness of the sizzling chicken skin is to generously coat it with melted butter. With mint chutney or ketchup, this juicy and fragrant treat is excellent. Try this delectable non-vegetarian cuisine if you're arranging a party; everyone will adore its mouthwatering flavours. Try it right away! 


6 whole, bone-in chicken legs (drumsticks with thighs attached, about 4½ pounds) 

2 tbsp finely grated garlic (about 6 large cloves) 

2 tbsp finely grated fresh ginger 

1 tbsp white vinegar 

1½ tsp ground cayenne, or to taste (use the available pepper instead) 

1½ tsp garam masala 

2 tsp fine sea salt 

½ cup plain whole milk yogurt 

½ tsp freshly ground black pepper 

½ tsp ground clove 

½ tsp ground mace 

½ tsp ground anise or fennel seeds 

½ tsp ground black cardamom (optional) 

½ tsp ground green cardamom 

2 tsp cumin seeds 

2 tsp coriander seeds 

1½ tsp red pepper flakes 

3 to 4 tbsp melted salted butter, as needed for basting 

Lime wedges, for serving 


Grab a drumstick with one hand and a thigh in the other, then bend the joint back until you hear a snap on each leg. This promotes more even cooking of the leg. Make two or three deep cuts, all the way to the bone, in the meaty portion of each drumstick and thigh using a small knife. Garlic, ginger, salt, vinegar, cayenne, and garam masala should all be combined in a big container. Keep half of the mixture in the bowl and put it aside; apply the remaining mixture to the chicken, working it under the skin. While you make the yoghurt marinade, place it in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes (and as long as 2 hours). Into the big bowl containing the ginger-garlic mixture, swirl the yoghurt. Add the black pepper, clove, mace, anise, black cardamom (if used), and green cardamom afterwards. Transfer the chicken with the spice rub to the yoghurt mixture and gently toss to coat. For at least six hours and ideally overnight, cover and chill the chicken. Prepare the grill for indirect heat when you're ready to cook. (If using a charcoal grill, pile the coals to one side to create an indirect heating area. Only a couple of the burners on a gas grill should be turned on; leave the others off.) or preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Crack the cumin, coriander, and red-pepper flakes using a mortar and pestle, the flat side of a knife, or a spice grinder for a very brief period of time; do not ground; you want a coarse texture here. To coat the chicken, liberally sprinkle the spice mixture over it. A rimmed baking sheet should be placed in the oven or on the side of the grill that is not lit and heated for 15 minutes. Place the chicken on the hot baking sheet with care, then brush some melted butter on each piece. If grilling, cover the grill. Allow chicken to simmer for 25 to 35 minutes while adding two or three drizzles of melted butter. When a knife is inserted into the chicken, the juices should run clear and the skin should be a deep brown colour. To char the chicken's skin if you're grilling, you can sear it for a minute or two on each side over direct fire right before serving. However, this step is not required. Slices of lime are served beside the chicken on a dish.