This Biscuit Halwa Is The Quickest Dessert Recipe You Can Try
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Indians and their love for mithai is an inseparable combination. No matter what the occasion might be –a get-together, wedding, festivals, a small celebration, or just about anything, we love to celebrate things with our favourite sweet treats. In fact, most of us wouldn’t mind lining up in long queues just to get our hands on those sugary gulab jamuns, coiled jalebis, decadent kheer or irresistible halwa. Such is the love that we also make these delicious treats at home too, one of them being a drool-worthy bowl halwa. Have you also slurped over Gurudwara's tasty kada prasad? Or the homemade sooji halwa

Well, we relate to you. But sad is the life of those who live away from home, particularly in hostels, with limited time, resources and sweet shops around. They just don’t get to enjoy the decadent homemade halwas. And if you are the one feeling leftout being away from home, we’ve got you sorted with a quick, easy and no-fuss halwa, that will not just give you a taste of sooji halwa but also give you a break from the regular ones. 

Our recipe of biscuit halwa or hostel wala halwa is a super easy, quick yet delicious halwa made with just some glucose biscuits! Yes, you read that absolutely right. Shared by Slurrp on Instagram, this recipe by a food blogger who goes by the name of ‘Food Chor’ on the social media platform shows how you can make a halwa with a handful of powdered biscuits, some ghee and water. 

The blogger explains an incident from her own college days when she was craving for some halwa too much, and since there are few resources in the hostel and just one kettle, she simply decided to powder some Parle G biscuits and added it to a pan. She then added some ghee to it, and mixed well. Post this, she added water to the same pan and mixed it consistently until it was cooked into a thick halwa. Garnished with some nuts on top, the halwa looked absolutely delicious. She revealed how the taste was sweet and salty, and is perhaps one of the best recipes for hunger pangs. Take a look at the recipe video:

 Biscuit Halwa Recipe 


Glucose biscuits: 15-20 

Ghee- as needed 



  • Crush and blend the biscuits until completely powdered. 
  • Add the powdered biscuits to a pan, followed by ghee. Stir well. 
  • Keep adding ghee, if you feel the pan is dry. 
  • Now add water to the pan, and stir consistently so no lumps are formed. 
  • Once the halwa is thick and cooked, serve hot topped with chopped nuts.