This 100-Year Old Dal From Amritsar Is Pure Goals
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, This rich dal is the shaan of Amritsar.

When we planned a trip to Amritsar last December, one thing was guaranteed, delicious food. Punjabis are well-known for their lip-smacking and vibrant fare and so is Amritsar. The holy city attracts thousands of tourists each year who come to visit the Golden Temple, a sacred place for Sikhs. People throng the gurudwara in huge numbers right in the morning by queuing up outside to catch a glimpse of the Akal takht and get the blessings of the Lord. Then of course, you have plenty of eateries surrounding the area which offer the best of Amritsari chole and stuffed kulche. 

In fact, this heavy meal is a staple breakfast for most of the locals in the city. On our second day in Amritsar, we headed to a well-known restaurant called Bharawan Da Dhaba. Gorging on creamy and rich dal makhni, shahi paneer and malai koftas, we enjoyed lunch to our heart’s content. The food replicated the true flavour of Punjab. Recently, a food blogger called wannabefoodie69 shared a reel of a 100-year old dal on his Instagram handle and we are just drooling. Before we say anything, just take a look. 

Source: Wannabefoodie69/Instagram 

In the video, we can see a dark-brown lentil being poured from a rusty drum in another container. Then loads of oil is heated in a pan and garlic is added to it along with other spices. This is the tadka of the dal. The dal is poured into several bowls one by one and finally, the tadka is added to each of them. For the unversed, tadka is a spice mix which enhances the flavour of the dish. The caption of the video mentions the location of the dish, “Kesar Da Dhaba, Amritsar, Punjab” which is yet another popular eating spot in the holy land. 

If you can’t go to Amritsar, you can always make the food in your home kitchen. 

1.  Amritsari Dal Makhani 

The richness and creaminess of the dal owes itself to the use of cream and butter for cooking. The brown-coloured dal has a touch of tomatoes and onions to its gravy and is a perfect partner for a crispy naan or kulcha. 

2.  Amritsari Chole 

A thick and spicy chickpea preparation, Amritsar is well-known for its chole. The masaledaar dish usually comes with a pair of stuffed tandoori kulchas on the side and some pickle.