Buying Chicken? Keep These 4 Things In Mind
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What could be your answer if you’re asked about proper measures to be followed before buying fresh chicken? Perhaps, you’ll say that get the chicken cut before you. But this is not the only criteria. Well, this question-and-answer session will go on and on. But, if you are fond of eating chicken, here are some tips for buying a fresh one. We assure you that you'll never commit a mistake while purchasing chicken by adopting these four tips.

  1. Smell it: The first way to identify fresh chicken is by checking it by smell. If the chicken is one or two days old, a strange smell comes from it. On the other hand, the chicken cut for half an hour or before does not give a foul odour. Sometimes, it is difficult to estimate the bad smell inside the chicken shop. Therefore, it's necessary to take the chicken outside for some time to identify its dirty smell.
  2. Avoid buying refrigerated chicken: Nowadays, it is seen that the shopkeeper takes out the chicken from the fridge and gives it to the customer after cutting it. If you want to stay away from diseases, avoid buying chicken kept in the refrigerator. Not one but four- to five-day-old chicken is refrigerated and sold. Eating such chicken can sometimes lead to severe health consequences.
  3. Avoid packaged chicken: Packaged chicken should always be avoided, but still, if you are buying it, then you should take some special care. First of all, check the expiry date. Then, after opening it in the packet, make sure that there is no dirty smell coming. Many shopkeepers erase and rewrite the expiry date. Moreover, people buy considering it correct.
  4. Opt for light pink chicken: The fresh chicken will always look pink. Even if you cut the chicken with a spoon or other object, the flesh will appear pink. If the upper or inner part of the chicken is not pink, then it is not fresh anymore. Besides, chicken blood appears automatically in fresh chicken and is invisible in the stale.