Things Only Dark Rum Lovers Will Relate To
Image Credit: Unsplash

Old Monk is just more than a brand of rum and we all must agree on this. Its lovers are not usual fans but are followers. There is just nothing in the world that a glass of Old Monk and coke cannot fix. Right?  

Old Monk enjoys a very reputed status in our country. Whenever we say or hear ‘rum and coke,’ it is Old Monk always by default. Be it old friends meeting or it a silver jubilee reunion, this rum is the companion that has to be there. Let us see a few things that only Old Monk lovers will relate to. Do not miss this!

Winter is your favorite season because

Some love winters because they enjoy quiet weather with the warmth of a hot cup of coffee, tea, and most favorite hot chocolate. But, if you are an Old Monk lover, you know what is different. We are not saying that true lovers wait for winter to sip on their favorite rum, they actually wait for the season because they would be able to gulp an unlimited amount of their most favorite rum.  

It is your best friend during your worst breakup 

Breakups are hard and we know it. But what is one thing that can comfort you in such a hard time is the bottle of Old Monk. Not for everybody but for many. This bottle just acts like a supporting friend who listens to you, watches you cry, and comforts you to sleep. For your next time, keep a bottle of Old Monk handy. 

                                        Image credits: Instagram/_old_monk_official

Not even beer can compete with this rum 

If you are an Old Monk lover, you know that beer is nowhere in the competition with this rum. Beers are for casual evenings like when friends catch up and have a light conversation. But unlike beer, Old Monk is for balmy evenings as it is actually a rite of passage that makes you enter adulthood. No offense to beer lovers. We can always change our preferences, right? 

It is a cure for the worst of colds and is an antiseptic 

Fans love this rum not just because of its soothing feeling but also because of its medicinal properties. Yes, you read that right. Whenever you catch a common cold, try a few pegs of Old Monk, and you are done. No need of having those pills. Besides, it is the best thing to repair, be it a broken heart or a physical wound. It has antiseptic properties just like Dettol. 

Old Monk is nothing but a legend 

Hands down, this is one of the most classic drinks one can ever have. Whenever you need peace and calmness, you can have the best combination of Old Monk with coke and say bye to your problems at least temporarily. Believe me! 

We all love Old Monk and our love for this rum actually knows no limits. Let us appreciate this piece of pure love and celebrate. Let us know if you relate to the points mentioned above in any manner.