Any festivity in India or around the world is incomplete without something sweet. However, for some, celebration means being drunk. Others feel like relishing desserts while having drinks but that is rare as consuming alcohol during festivals is not supposed to be a good thing everywhere in the country. But, what if we tell you there is a way you can enjoy both things while celebrating your favourite festivals? Intrigued already? Well, what we are going to tell you is even more fascinating.

Ever thought of having Gulab Jamun along with alcohol? No matter how bizarre it may sound, Old Monk Gulab Jamun has become a thing that’s creating a storm on social media. 

Recently, a video got viral on Facebook in which you can clearly see a person injecting Old Monk in freshly prepared Gulab Jamun with a syringe. This fusion dish is making the netizens crazy. The video made rounds last month but now it is trending once again.

Scroll down to watch the video for yourself.

Did you see how a person standing in his balcony injecting the Gulab Jamuns arranged on a plate with rum? The viral video has till now garnered more than 5 million views, 76k likes, and 2.3k comments. 

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular sweet dishes in India. Though it is believed to be originated in the country around medieval times, Gulab Jamun actually hails from Persia. It seems similar to another sweet delicacy called Luqmat-Al-Qadi which was introduced to India by Mughals. The word ‘Gulab’ is derived from two words namely ‘gol’ means flower and ‘ab’ means water. 

No historical facts anymore! Let's get straight to the point. Would you try boozy Gulab Jamuns at home? If yes, do let us know. Those who prefer the dessert as is can try out the traditional recipe for this sweet mentioned below.