These Steamed Faras Are A Staple Breakfast In Chhattisgarh; Here’s Why
Image Credit: Pixabay, These rice rolls are a treat for the locals in the morning.

Sorry Chole Bhature and Bread pakoras. The people of Chhattisgarh are in love with their faras. It is not surprising to see a plethora of dishes being cooked in different parts of the country as soon as the sun rises. While aloo parathas and dahi are being served in Punjab, Marathis are busy hogging their kande pohe and bun maskas. The rich cultural diversity gives way to a large array of dishes on one’s plate. Depending on the availability of certain vegetables and spices, certain dishes are prepared in particular regions. 

Take bamboo shoots for instance. They are found in plenty in the North-Eastern states. Not only do the locals eat bamboo shoots as part of their curries and meals, they also have unique techniques of cooking with bamboo shoots. Gujaratis love adding sev and namkeens to their meals as side dishes. Souring agents also vary in different regions like kokum in coastal areas whereas tamarind in South India. Similarly, the most staple breakfast of Chhattisgarh is fara. 

For the unversed, fara is nothing but a steamed rice roll. Soft and melt-in-your-mouth, these rice rolls come dipped in a white and creamy sauce. Made with rice and rice flour, the batter is given the shape of rolls and steamed. Fara is also sometimes referred to as muthiya. This dish can be prepared with a minimum number of ingredients but what requires skill is the preparation of the dough. A cross between a momo and a crepe, the steamed rice dumplings are the perfect way to start your day. 

The popularity of fara and other rice-based dishes in the region comes from the fact that Chhattisgarh is the rice bowl of Central India. The central area of the region is fertile as compared to the hilly north and south. This facilitates large quantities of rice cultivation in Chhattisgarh and an abundance of the grain in the region. Also called phara, the rice rolls are not the only thing that are made from rice. 

You will find plenty of other dishes like chousera roti (pooris made of rice), bore bassi (rice dipped in water, dahi or buttermilk) and many more. Apart from this, the less-explored region of the country has several leafy vegetables like kaanda bhaji and chech bhaji as well as sweetmeats like balooshahi and khurmi to offer you on its plate.