These South Indian Soups Are Enough To Keep You Warm This Winter

Have you started planning your meals with the arrival of winter? The common criteria? The dishes must be warm and delicious enough to soothe our souls, hearts and palates. And with cuisine as rich, diverse and delicious as Indian cuisine, the number of comforting and delicious dishes are innumerable. From the North Indian gajar ka halwa to the Bengali joynagar’er moa and the South Indian rasam, the number of dishes up for grabs during winters is endless. So, keeping the other regions aside, let’s talk about South Indian cuisine today. 

South Indian cuisine is truly a paradise for foodies with rich and robust flavours. From the soft and spongy idlis to the crispy dosa and the warm and comforting rasam, South Indian cuisine is full of dishes apt for the chilly weather. Although we usually crave warm beverages and foods to slurp during winter evenings, here is a list of three South Indian soups you can try this winter. 

Chicken Rasam 

What’s better than rasam for non-vegetarians? Chicken rasam. Filled with the flavours of chicken and the typical South Indian spices, chicken rasam is enough to tantalize your taste buds along with soothing your soul on a chilly winter evening. 

Kozhi Kurumulak Soup 

One of the easiest, laborsaving and delicious South Indian soups, Kozhi Kurumulak is flavourful with the variety of spices and herbs that go into it. Usually cooked in a pressure cooker, the soup is spicy from the loads of black pepper that go into it. 

Mulligatawny Soup

Believed to have originated in the British homes in India in the 18th century, Mulligatawny soup is spicy and delicious. The etymology of the dish translates to ‘mulliga’ and ‘tanny’, meaning a ‘spicy broth’. The soup is believed to be the British version of the South Indian rasam but with chunks of meat. 

The temperature is dropping down, and we know you are craving something warm, comforting and delicious. So, what are you waiting for? Try these three South Indian soups now.