These Recipes Are A Lifesaver For Serving Your Unexpected Guests

Well, we all have been through this at least once when guests arrive at the door without being invited. The elder generation may be much familiar with this idea, but the millennial age is still getting used to it. It takes some time to think things through and choose what to serve unexpected visitors. But what if there were some quick and simple recipes that could be used to prepare lunch or dinner in a flash? Well, these quick Indian dishes will undoubtedly save your life. Do try and win the moment.

Fried Rice  

Many times, there is some leftover rice in the kitchen that we can all use. Why not use all the vegetables in the refrigerator that are sitting unused to create a tasty dish with them? They will undoubtedly adore the dish if you toss them in some olive oil or butter together with onion, garlic, and colourful vegetables. 

Instant Idli 

This is a true show stealer, on a day when there was no room for ordering, we must have all attempted this dish! Add a packet of fruit salt or Eno to some rava after adding some salt, water, and the rava. Make some fresh, soft idlis quickly by mixing everything thoroughly. Enjoy them with your favourite chutney or chop them up and fry them with onion and tomato to create a new snack called fried idli. 

Egg Bhurji 

If your guests prefer eggs, then the hot chapatis and freshly cooked Egg Bhurji are indisputable! Break the eggs into a kadhai and fry some onions, tomatoes, and freshly sliced garlic. The hot Egg Bhurji is ready to eat once they have all been fried for a few minutes. 


If your guests have visited you around the time then this perfect snack is the best you can serve them. Fried vegetable pakoras make the most of just about any vegetable of your choice because they are both delicate on the inside and crisp on the outside. They pair beautifully with tamarind & sonth chutney and mint-coriander chutney. A variety of vegetables, including potato, cauliflower, spinach leaves, onion, or paneer, can be used to make these bhajias or pakore. 

Dal Tadka 

Anyone can prepare this meal in a few minutes. It only requires 5–10 minutes of soaking and heating in water hot enough to produce 1–2 whistles. Meanwhile, cover it with butter and add the chunk of tomato-onion. Enjoy with some chapati or rice! 

Matar Masala 

This is one of the quick and easy meals that can be prepared. All that is required is to heat some oil and fry the jeera and hing in it. After that, add the just-washed green peas and simmer for an additional 10 minutes. In little time at all, the fried green peas will be ready. There is no need for anything else; just enjoy with warm chapatis. 

Jeera Aloo 

Did you know that using a pressure cooker to boil potatoes just takes a few minutes? Boil some potatoes, peel them over, sprinkle with hing-jeera, and then toss the roughly chopped potatoes with salt and a few basic spices like red chilli powder and dried mango powder. They taste amazing with plain paratha and take about 15 minutes to prepare.