These Pappardelle Dishes Are A Must-Try

Pappardelle are long, broad and a flat ribbon type of pasta that have origins in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy. The name of this pasta comes from the verb 'pappare,' in the Italian language, which means ‘to gobble up.’ Pappardelle’s Tuscan roots date back to the 14th century. The Tuscan region was renowned for its heavy, hearty and meatier pasta sauces. It is said that the Pappardelle originated in the kitchens of the Tuscans in an attempt to compliment and hold the heavy and meaty sauces of this cuisine. However, travelling from the regional Italian kitchen on to your plate - owing to its popularity, today Pappardelle can be found throughout the globe. Due to the indulgent nature of these ribbon pasta strands and the filling sauces that they are usually cooked with, Pappardelle dishes are often consumed in the festive months around Christmas or so, or on more traditional ‘feasting days’.

This broad pasta bears visual resemblance to the Fettuccine. However, the two pastas are different with regard to their sizes with Pappardelle having a larger surface area than the Fettuccine. Fresh Pappardelle are two to three centimetres wide and may have fluted edges. This pasta can hold heavy sauces and is an absolute comfort meal on days you want to engage in ‘dolce far niente.’ Here are a few Pappardelle recipes, you need to try your hand at: 

1) Pappardelle with Arrabbiata Sauce 

Did you know that Arrabbiata means angry in Italian? Well it seems fitting for the nature of this sauce which is spicy, savoury and aromatic. If you want to make this recipe a tad fancier then use Burrata cheese instead of a scoop of Ricotta. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a healthier version of this dish, you could skip the cheese altogether. However, remember that Pappardelle dishes are an indulgence, and therefore cheese is a recommended topping.  

2) Sizzling Prawn Pappardelle 

If you’re in the mood for a delicious gourmet meal, we suggest you try your hand at the Sizzling Prawn Pappardelle dish. The umami taste of the prawns and the savoury taste of tomatoes and basil hit a home run with all foodies. You can pair this dish with a side of garlic bread with cheese and some fine wine. While this is a heavy calorie meal, the nutritional profile boosts of this dish being high on calcium and Vitamin C which are great for your skin, hair and bones. 

3) Pappardelle With Mushrooms

If you aren’t much of a taker for spicy red tomato basil sauces, this creamy sauce is what you need to toss your Pappardelle in. The Pappardelle With Mushrooms uses Porcini mushrooms, herbs, cheese, garlic, cream and butter. The dish delivers what it promises - a rich siesta evoking food coma. If you would like to throw in some colour to this dish, you could add in some peas. Serve this dish along with a side of antipasti like a plate of tomato and basil bruschetta, to balance the taste palate.