Chef Kunal Kapur’s Masala Onion Rings Go Perfectly With Tea

Indians love to indulge in crispy, crunchy snacks, especially with their evening chai. After work, it is the best way to unwind, and tea lovers can definitely relate with it. As soon as the clock strikes 5 pm, we crave all things garma-garam, greasy, crispy, and delicious - be it pakodas, biscuits, or fries among others. While there is a plethora of options to choose from, the foodie in us would always crave something new and exciting. And if you too are like us, we’ve got a new recipe for you to try.  

Onion rings are these crispy delights that are just the perfect snack to binge on as an evening snack or even as an appetiser for a party. So, if you're craving some onion rings and want to give them a masaledar twist, celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur has come to your rescue. Picture sliced onion rings dipped in a batter, deep-fried until crispy, and finally tossed in a special masaledaar blend. 

These masala onion rings can be served with a tangy, spicy, and sweet sauce. They are super easy to make and make for an ideal snack to beat those evening hunger pangs. Chef Kunal often shares insightful cooking tips as well as easy and quick recipes on his Instagram handle, and this special onion rings recipe is quite a helpful one from his treasure trove. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the recipe:   

To begin with, peel the onions and slice them into 1-inch-thick rings. Once sliced, remove the centre segments and keep only the outer ones. Separate the layers to have the rings prepped. Now, to make the batter, mix besan with salt, red chilli powder, turmeric, cumin powder, kasoori methi, chopped coriander, and chaat masala, in a bowl. 

First mix the dry ingredients together, and then begin adding the water in batches. Make sure to avoid any lumps. Next, dip the rings in the batter, pull them out and allow the excess batter to flow out and then coat them with the bread crumbs. Take a look at the video to know about the full recipe: 

The snack sure looks every bit delicious. Try this at home and share your experience with us.