Thecha To Mirchi Pakoda, 10 Regional Indian Green Chilli Dishes
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Every summer, most of us rush towards foods like curd, papaya, raw mangoes, brinjals and a variety of gourds because these keep us cool throughout the summer months. But did you know that having green chillies can also help do the exact same thing during summers? Green chillies are known for their heat or spiciness, but paradoxically, they can also provide a cooling effect when consumed. Eating green chillies triggers a physiological response in the body that leads to sweating, which helps cool down the body and regulate body temperature in hot weather. 

Green chillies contain a compound called capsaicin, which is responsible for their spiciness. Capsaicin has been shown to increase metabolism and promote fat burning. Consuming green chillies in moderation can potentially aid in weight loss during the summer months. Green chillies have a warming effect on the respiratory system, helping to clear congestion and improve breathing. This can be particularly beneficial if you are dealing with seasonal allergies or respiratory issues aggravated by the summer season. 

These are just some of the reasons why having green chillies in summer is a great idea, of course, while keeping your own spice tolerance levels in mind. Believe it or not, this is also the very reason why regions across India actually do have plenty of green chilli dishes that are also consumed during hot summers. Want to know what these dishes are? Here is a whole list of green chilli-based dishes from across the regions of India. 

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Bharwa Mirchi

Bharwa Mirchi literally translates to stuffed green chillies, and this one is extremely popular as a dry or wet curry—depending on your preferences—across Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Usually, fat and spicy Bhavnagari chillies are used to prepare this dish. The chillies are slit, deseeded and stuffed with a spicy mixture of spices before being cooked in oil. 

Mirchi Pakoda  

Taking the concept of Bharwa Mirchi a step further, Mirchi Pakoda is a deep-fried snack enjoyed during teatime. Originating in Rajasthan, this dish is made of stuffed green chillies that are dipped in a thick gram flour batter and then deep-fried in oil. These Mirchi Pakoda are served with green chutney as well as sonth chutney. 

Green Chilli Chicken  

This super-spicy chicken dish comes from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This dish calls for not only the use of a green chilli-coriander leaves paste for the gravy paste, but also slit green chillies as a garnish towards the end of the cooking time. Green-hued and spicy, this Green Chilli Chicken dish is lipsmackingly delicious. 


This iconic green chilli dish from Maharashtra should be a part of your every meal this summer. A coarse type of spicy chutney, Thecha is made with green chillies, garlic and spices to make a heady condiment that is eaten with everything from rice to rotis. Easy to make and easier still to store, this one is a must-have during summers. 

Shahi Hari Mirch Sabji 

This dish with a royal touch hails from Kashmir and boasts of spicy as well as rich flavours. The green chillies in this curry are fried and then added to a rich curry made with a peanuts, sesame seeds and spices paste. In fact, the addition of peanuts and sesame seeds not only gives this one a nutty flavour, but also makes the heat of the chillies more bearable. 

Kancha Lonka Murgi 

Bengal may be known for its fish dishes, but a few specialties like Kancha Lonka Murgi do stand out thanks to their flavours. A paste is prepared with a huge amount of green chillies, which are deseeded of course. The chicken is then cooked with onions and this green chilli paste, and curd is added to mellow the heat levels a bit. 

Raita Marcha

Another hot and spicy condiment, this dish actually comes from Gujarat. Also known as Athela Marcha, this one is a green chilli pickle of sorts from Kathiawadi cuisine and is served with theplas and gathiya. What makes the flavours of Raita Marcha outstanding is the use of mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds to make a heady paste. 

Green Chilli Karindi  

This green chilli dish is actually a chutney from the central and northern parts of Karnataka, where it is enjoyed by members of the Veerashaiva community. Eaten with jowar rotis as well as rice, this Green Chilli Karindi has a smooth texture and a hot taste. This chutney also sings with the flavours of flaxseeds and garlic, making it a very unusual chutney from the region indeed. 

Chicken Pachamulaku

Also known as Pachamulaku Aracha Kozhi Curry, this dish from Kerala also celebrates the heady mix of green chillies with chicken. The green chillies are turned into a paste with cashew nuts and other spices, and then cooked with onions and tomatoes. The chicken, when cooked in these spices, takes on a green colour and spicy flavour. 

Milagai Thokku  

Also known as Pacha Milagai Thokku, this condiment from Tamil Nadu is included in most traditional meals from the state. Spicy, tangy and sweet, the recipe for Milagai Thokku sings with the flavours of green chillies, tamarind pulp and jaggery. Mustard and fenugreek seeds are also tempered in sesame oil before getting blended with the other ingredients.