The Ultimate Guide To Cilantro-Based Cocktails To Unwind
Image Credit: Unsplash

After coming back home from a hectic day at work, all you need is a fresh and icy refreshing beverage that can help you unwind. Something that you can sip while watching an episode of your favourite TV series before you muster the energy to start cooking dinner. If that sounds similar to your situation, a cilantro-based cocktail would just be perfect for you.

Cilantro, also known as coriander leaves, is widely known for its aroma and hint of freshness it adds to any drink or dish. While you might already be using coriander to garnish your dishes, here’s the sign to start adding it to your beverages. You can either muddle up the leaves to add a cilantro-based syrup or add the leaves as is. So why don’t you explore that many ways to add cilantro to your cocktails and also know which spirit base works best with it?

Ways to Use Cilantro in Cocktails

There are a lot of ways different people add cilantro to their drinks based on their preferences. Here are some ways you can add it to get a refreshing cocktail:

Muddled: One of the most common ways to add cilantro to a cocktail is by mudding the leaves and draining the liquid into the drink. 

Cilantro Syrup: Another way to get the juices out of cilantro is by making syrup. You can even store the cilantro syrup for use later and get a herby cocktail.

Garnish: The easiest way to add cilantro to a cocktail is to chop up some coriander leaves, add them on top of the cocktail, and mix some of them in the base spirit as well.

Salt Rim: To add both beauty and taste to your cocktail, you can rim the glass with salt and very finely chopped cilantro to get the cool flavour.

Best Cocktails To Make With Cilantro

Cilantro Mojito

Mojito is a classic example of cilantro being used well in a cocktail. You can make the most rejuvenating cocktail by taking chopped cilantro leaves and mixing them in a drink prepared with rum, soda, and lemon juice. You can add sugar syrup and salt as per your preference. After mixing everything in, add a few ice cubes and garnish with a lime wedge and a few cilantro leaves on the top.

Cooling Cucumber

Cucumber is refreshing as is, so just imagine how good a drink would be when mixed with cucumber and cilantro. To make yourself this ultimate combination, add vodka and lemon juice in a cocktail mixture along with a few ice cubes. After mixing, add chopped cucumber slices and cilantro leaves till the drink gets its flavour. Finally, add sugar syrup and shake well before pouring into your cocktail glass.

Cilantro Margarita

 Margarita is everyone’s all-time favourite cocktail. To top it off, cilantro would definitely help you cool down for the day. To make a glass for yourself, add powdered sugar or sugar syrup to water and mix them with ice cubes. Then, add tequila, lemon juice, and cilantro syrup and shake in a cocktail mixer. To add a spicy touch to your cocktail, you can add jalapenos. Now, all that’s left is to pour the drink into a glass, sip, and unwind.