Delicious Ways Of Having Cucumber
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Did you know that a Long English Cucumber provides about the same amount of hydration as the daily recommended eight glasses of water? Cucumbers will help keep you invigorated and refreshed all day long because they are made up of more than 90% water.

Cucumbers contain a lot more water, but they also have fewer calories. This implies that if you're attempting to load up on nutritious plant-based foods, cucumbers are a great choice that won't make you consume a lot of calories!


Cucumbers in salads are a staple and just make sense. However, instead of merely slicing your cucumbers, try spiralling them to add some flair to your salad! Long carrot, cucumber, or zucchini ribbons can be added to the traditional salad to add a playful texture.


Mini cucumbers are ideal for savoury toppings like tuna salad, feta cheese, or hummus. Simply cut down the centre of your mini cucumbers lengthwise, then carefully scoop out some of the interior to create room for your filling.


Consider preparing a smoothie with your cucumbers if you're looking for something chilly and revitalising. Put your cucumbers, skin and all, into a blender and get to work. They will help you get your day started off right and provide you with the energy you need to succeed.


When the weather starts to grow colder, many people think that soup is one of the cosiest, most soothing dishes to consume. But why not try it cool if you want to give this perennial family favourite a twist?

Ice pops

Even a tasty frozen dessert can be nutritious! Make a fresh smoothie with a cucumber theme, then pour it into moulds (or paper cups) with popsicle sticks in the centre. Enjoy the moulds after 3-5 hours of freezing!