The Two-Minute Noodles Have Been A True Love For Indians
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In 1982 when India welcomed colour television, perhaps the denizens weren't aware that a year later, an instant food would use hunger-and-happiness-inducing colour codes and orchestrate an eternal love story. Packed in bright yellow (cheerfulness-evoking hue) with bold red (appetite-generating tint) fonts, Maggi made its grand entry in 1983 to change the Indian food scene forever. Braving the teething problems, it emerged as the persistent lover who embraced everyone, caste, age, creed, sex, religion or ethnicity, no bar! With the promise of getting ready to devour in just two minutes, it turned into that comfort food for many Indians. Despite multiple questions raised on its reputation, quality and credibility, it kept coming back stronger. Over the years, it has become a part of unforgettable memories for Millenials and Gen Z. Now, Gen A has also joined the bandwagon.

Let's embark on a voyage and recall the seven most nostalgic Maggi memories most Indians reminisce.

Debuting as a Cook

Cooking the noodles, Image Source: Instagram

For a lot of us, Maggi spurs memories of our first attempt as a cook and the sheer joy of succeeding at it. The rush of exhilaration of serving a bowl of noodles cooked by us and fetching compliments for it still feels fresh. Doesn't it? As we grew, our skills in improvising this dish also improved. Its adaptability lets us experiment by adding several ingredients or cooking it as a dry or soupy one. 

Kachha Khao

Raw instant noodles, Image Source: Freepik

There is a charm about Maggi that any patron would vouch for. A shared nostalgic experience that has turned into a habit, munching on the raw block of it. Whether you crush a small pack and add the seasoning to it or eat it as is, it can be agreed upon that its adaptability is astonishing to the point that it's delicious down to the bare bones of the snack. Listening to the crunch of the block brings back memories from when you grew impatient standing near the boiling pot of broth, waiting for the block to soak in the delectable flavours. Whenever you're in the kitchen making Maggi, it's almost like a mandatory tradition to reach into the 4-pack, break a piece off a block and eat it, or even eat the remaining parts on the bottom of the one-block pack as a quick munchable. Everyone has this irreparable habit, and anyone is ready to admit it.

Chai & Maggi pe Charcha

Noodles and tea, Image Source: Instagram

Let's catch up over chai (tea), and this two-minute noodle has been an inseparable part of many of our lives. Be it following it as a regular breakfast ritual, during a mid-week evening break from work, or just a favoured preference to meet up with buddies after a long time. Pair it with chai, and often the order for the combo goes on repeat. Not to forget the series of varying instructions to the cook- "less soupy," "add cheese to mine," "Mera wala dry karna" (keep it dry) and a few demands for garnishing with chopped onions, chillies and coriander leaves. Does any of it sound familiar? When did you do it last? 

Hostel Wali Jugaad

Making noodles in kettle, Image Source: Shabo Joly@YouTube

This one may strike a lot of buried memories for many of us. Remember those hostel days when apart from an iron box, the only electric gadget you could keep was an e-kettle? And what a saviour it was! Especially during those times when you were either in no mood to eat the boring mess food or too broke to afford a meal outside. Somehow escaping the vigilant wardens' eyes and noses, the kettle cooked the most satisfying food, i.e., Maggi. And, of course, the adventure of preparing it added extra flavour. Does it resonate?

Midnight Wali Maggi

A bowl of instant noodles
Studying or working till late at night, and suddenly the hunger pangs screamed their lungs out. No food to order, nor no patience left to cook something. What came to your rescue? A packet of the two-minutes instant noodles. Just boil some water, pour the spice blend, stir in the raw noodles and voila, a yummy dish is ready. No wonder, even today, the grocery list is incomplete without this item. 

Enigmatic Mountains' Meal

Maggi at hill station, Image Source: Instagram

All those who have gone on vacation to any hill station in north India must have had Maggi. What makes this wali noodles so unique? The sky touching mountains, the cold breeze that leaves goose bumps on the skin as it caresses and passes by, the unadulterated atmosphere and the pure hearts of those who cook it most humbly with a smile. Served at the country's highest peaks to those remotest corners of the hill stations, we all have zillions of pahado wali Maggi. At times they were the only food available keeping us alive and going; at others, they worked as the purest comfort food. As you are reading about it, I am sure you have virtually transported to a fog-cloaked evening or the teeth-chattering cold morning and you and your bowl of Maggi. That taste is impossible to recreate anywhere in the plain lands or urban scape. 

After-party feed

Afterparty instant noodles, Image Source: Facebook

Be it after partying till the wee hours on the weekend, or post attending a soiree where you couldn't eat to your full capacity or those crazy after-parties in Goa with your tribe; a little sloshed and a lot hungry, you must have had this noodle countless times. At home, adding some leftover veggies or simply giving it an 'anda bhurji' twist, for many of us, has been a ritual after any shindigs. Just scroll through the phone gallery, each of us will have at least one picture from our Goa trips. And there will be a story that remains etched in our memories forever. 

There are no two ways to accept that it's an eternal love story.