The Top 10 Indian Cooling Drinks To Enjoy This Summer
Image Credit: Unsplash

India is a land of different cultures, traditions, and cuisines. Each state in India has its own distinct regional and traditional cuisine, providing a diverse range of gastronomic delights. One of the most difficult obstacles that people in India confront throughout the summer is overcoming the blazing heat. A pleasant drink may satisfy thirst while also cooling the body and providing nourishment.

People now have chilled soft drinks to help them cool down in India's scorching summer heat; however, it is not advisable to always rely on soft drinks. Several regions in India developed their own unique summer drinks to keep the body cool even as temperatures and humidity rose.

Coconut Water

Nariyal paani, often known as coconut water, is the healthiest summer beverage. It is a fantastic alternative for revitalising and energising the body. Coconut water, a natural source of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that refresh the body and protect it from sickness, can help you beat the summer heat. What else is there? It may also promote better digestion.


Consuming buttermilk increases metabolism, promotes cooling, and eases any gastrointestinal issues brought on by the weather. Buttermilk is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that aid in restoring a normal body temperature. Additionally, it can support appropriate hydration levels. It's also a fantastic drink for satisfying cravings at midnight.

Aam Panna

Made with India's favourite fruit, raw mango, this mouthwatering drink is mostly popular in Maharashtra. Raw mango pulp is used to make this cool summer beverage, which is then combined with cumin, jeera, and mint leaves. During sunny days, this drink keeps you both refreshed and energised.


Solkadhi, a delicacy of Konkan cuisine, is made with kokum and coconut milk. It is particularly well-liked in Maharashtra and Goa, two of India's western states. The inclusion of kokum gives solkadhi a beautiful pinkish hue. It's regarded as a calming and easily digested beverage.


This delicious summer beverage, which originated on the Maharashtra coast, is created with buttermilk, curds, shrikhand, and sugar. Just combine all the ingredients in a mixing dish, stirring until thick and creamy, then refrigerate. The drink is distinctly distinguished by the yellow hue it has been given. Piyush can be flavoured with saffron, pistachios, or any other preferred dried fruit, and it should be consumed cold whenever you like.


Indian sarsaparilla, also known as Nannari roots, are boiled with sugar, water, and lemon juice to make this South Indian beverage. Depending on regional taste, the mixture can be blended with either milk or water. The roots are claimed to offer a variety of therapeutic and anti-inflammatory qualities in addition to tasting great. It is definitely a classic method of surviving the heat.


Despite being associated with Holi in North India, Kanji is a year-round beverage with a tonne of flavours and cooling qualities. Carrots, mustard, and salt are the typical ingredients in this nutrient-rich, fermented water-based beverage. Beetroot is also included in certain variants. It contains probiotic qualities and is also an excellent digestive aid.


Jaljeera is a pleasant beverage prepared with cumin, tamarind, lemon, black salt, chaat masala, and other spices. Individuals create their own iterations of the beverage. The majority of versions are made by adding soda to water and flavouring it with jaljeera. You may incorporate it into your regular summer diet because it is not excessively sweet and has several digestive advantages. 

Sattu Sharbat

The classic sattu drink has been a popular choice throughout the sweltering Indian summers. Sattu is a healthy flour prepared from roasted gram that has a delicious flavour and many health advantages. Sattu is an excellent option for reducing summertime heat since it is high in protein, fibre, and cooling qualities. 


Creamy lassi is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of North Indian cold beverages. Just three components are needed to make a traditional Punjabi lassi: sugar, curds, and cooled water or ice cubes. Additionally, some people choose the salty version over the sweet one. In India, lassi is a highly favoured summertime beverage and individuals like experimenting with it. One of the most well-known varieties of lassi is mango, which adds the sweetness of this seasonal fruit to the luscious drink.