Summer 2024: Which Melon Hydrates Better During The Summer?
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As the hot summer days approach, staying hydrated becomes extremely important for maintaining good health. When the body sweats, it loses electrolytes and fluids that need to be replaced. Two popular summer fruits that are well known for their hydrating abilities are watermelon and muskmelon. 

With their high-water content, these juicy fruits are perfect for staying hydrated on hot days. Watermelon has an extremely high-water, around 92%, making it one of the most hydrating fruits. Muskmelon also has a high-water content, around 90%, though slightly less than watermelon. Its sweet, aromatic flavour is quite refreshing as well.   

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While both fruits are hydration superstars, watermelon edges out muskmelon by having the highest water percentage. When the temperatures soar, watermelon is the best choice for staying hydrated and beating the summer heat. With each juicy bite of watermelon, you can feel its thirst-quenching powers at work.  


It is made up of mostly water, so eating it is an easy way to stay hydrated on hot days. The red part that you eat is sweet, juicy, and refreshing. With each bite, you get a burst of liquid that cools you down. Watermelon also has nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals and potassium. 

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Vitamin A is good for your eyes and skin. Vitamin C helps your body heal and strengthens your immune system. The minerals help your muscles work properly. And potassium helps your body balance fluids.  Watermelon is a good choice if you want something sweet but don't want too many calories. It tastes sweet but is low in calories and high in fibre, which helps you feel full.   

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Muskmelon is also a refreshing summer fruit. Muskmelons are round with orange flesh and a sweet smell. They have a lot of water. Muskmelons also have many vitamins, like A and C, which keep your eyes, skin, and immune system healthy. These minerals are good for you. The fibre in muskmelons helps your digestion. 

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Muskmelons have antioxidants too. It also has beta-carotene, an antioxidant that fights damage in your body. Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A for good vision, especially in low light. It also has vitamin B for making red blood cells, using energy, and maintaining healthy nerves. 

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In short, cantaloupe melon is a very nutritious, digestive, and hydrating fruit. Muskmelon has potassium, which helps balance fluids in your body. This makes it great for rehydrating after exercise.    

Which Melon Hydrates Better: Watermelon Or Muskmelon?  

Watermelon and muskmelon are both great, hydrating fruits to eat in the summer. Watermelon has more water, so it hydrates you more. But cantaloupe has more nutrients, like vitamin A and vitamin C. Watermelon is lower in calories, though. The choice between them depends on what you want. Watermelon if you just want something refreshing. Muskmelon if you want more nutrients. Both fruits are good for proper hydration and nutrients.