The Secret To Healthy Growth Of Your Kids? Home-Cooked Meals!
Image Credit: Lupin's aptivate syrup boosts your kids' appetite for home-cooked meals

Have you ever thought about what kind of harm junk food can cause us? It is so detrimental to our health that Hilal Elver, the UN’s special representative on the Right to Food, once famously said that junk food is a human rights concern! It is one of the major contributing factors to obesity and lethargy amongst kids as in a survey, All India Institute of Medical Sciences confirmed that an increase in consumption of junk food has led to the increase in overweight school children from 9.7% to 13.9%. With such extreme results of over-consumption of junk, the only counter to it remains healthy home-cooked food.

Fast food is steadily becoming a bad habit amongst our children, who are growing averse to healthy home-cooked meals. But it is undeniable how unhealthy the fast-food diet culture is. What is also undeniable is that for the right kind of growth of children, it is necessary that we give them home-cooked food. The nutrition that hot, home-cooked nutritious meals give is irreplaceable. It is important for appetite and immunity-building of a child that they eat, crave and finish their home-made food.

There are many advantages of eating home-cooked meals, especially for children. If we try to get into it, we would find multiple reasons to inculcate this good habit in kids who are likely to see a growth spurt. Let us look at some reasons.

1. Home-cooked food like chapatis has a lot of benefits like helping digestion and proper bowel movement, while junk food causes obesity, inflammation and loss of appetite. Moving towards home-cooked meals is the key to a healthy lifestyle for kids.

2. The best way to avoid over-eating in kids is to serve them home-cooked meals. In a restaurant, they are more likely to over-eat. Even junk food comes in packages that are fixed according to the appetite of adults, so making it for kids can either leave them hungry or fuller than required.

3. Fast food is packed with empty carbohydrates, that can inevitably lead to increased blood sugar and insulin resistance. This is the reason many people start becoming diabetic at a young age. Home-cooked food, on the other hand, is more nutritious as it has a good balance of nutrients like protein, fibre, carbs, fats and vitamins.

4. When you are cooking an entire meal at home, you are totally aware of the ingredients, their quality and the quantity you are putting in. You are in total control of the final dish, the process, the preparation and the process. This way, you not only know what is on the plate, but what makes up your plate and that is great information to have.

Home-cooked meals are balanced and nutritious | Unsplash

With Lupin’s Aptivate, you can stimulate your child’s appetite by giving the syrup 30 mins before mealtime to feed delicious and nutritious home-cooked food. Aptivate is packed with the power of 9 Ayurvedic ingredients like Guduchi, Amla and Pippali that helps in your child’s holistic growth, helps build immunity, helps in keeping them healthy & strong in their growing years. Ingredients like Saunf, Kutki, Vidang, Nagarmotha, Yavani, Jeera present in Aptivate, increases appetite naturally and ensures that if home-cooked meals are what the parents prefer to feed the kids, it is what they crave when they are hungry. A healthy, home-made diet ensures a healthy overall growth and boost in the immune system with a natural spike in their appetite.

So, if you are looking for an Ayurveda-based solution to boost the appetite and strengthen the immunity of your kids, then Lupin’s Aptivate syrup is the one-stop solution to your predicament. It will not only help your kids eat your healthy home-cooked food, they will also appreciate and crave the same, instead of asking for junk food.