6 Healthy Substitutes For Baking
Image Credit: Baking preparation/ unsplash.com

Every child,or nearly every child, believes baking to be as straightforward as making 2-minute noodles. But there is a problem. Maida, eggs, and sugar are the key components in baking, all of which are bad for maintaining a trim waistline. When it happens, we come to your aid. We've gathered healthy alternatives to maida, whole milk, margarine, butter, sugar, and whole eggs. Look at this!

Maida or All Purpose Flour

Whole wheat flour can be used in place of maida or all-purpose flour. Only use half the amount called for because whole wheat flour is light. Apple sauce or prune puree can be used in place of margarine and butter. Additionally, it gives the dough flavour.

Refined Sugar

Why not sweeten the treats with honey, jaggery, sucanat, brown, raw, or Demerara sugar instead of refined sugar, which has zero nutritional value?

Whole Eggs

The dough is undoubtedly held together by whole eggs, which are irreplaceable. However, egg whites can be used in place of entire eggs. Or you can definitely use nut butter, bean, or fruit substitutes in place of half the eggs.

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Try coconut, almond, or low-fat milk instead of full milk; the advantages are worthwhile. Also if you are Lactose intolerant or vegan, using these substitute ingredients will definitely help you. 

Artificial flavourings and toppings

Instead of artificial flavouring, use cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla from nature. Whether it's lime, vodka chilli, or blueberry cheesecake, everyone enjoys it. Now, you may choose low-fat cream cheese and still enjoy the same mouthwatering flavour. Will you be making a fruit cake? Try fresh fruits to start fresh rather than opting for canned fruits.


Substitute wine with grape, pomegranate and lime juice. These acidic, richly flavorful fluids work well as an alternative to deglazing a pan. Their rich fruit and berry flavours will also give a recipe more depth of flavour. Try using one tablespoon of vinegar per cup of juice for a stronger replacement.