73% Indian Singles Bond Over Shared Love For Food, Says Survey
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While this is considered the age of speed dating, swiping left and right and easily falling out of love, some bonds may be deeper. The way to both his and her heart most likely do go through the stomach. Food has the power to create memories, induce nostalgia and bring about feelings of comfort and warmth. While cooking for someone has always been an unsaid expression of love, especially during early days of dating, finding someone who enjoys the same kind of food as you can seem extremely comforting. 

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While all these connections between food and love have existed especially in India for a long time now, a recent survey by popular dating app Bumble, reaffirms them in the context of modern dating. Most first dates end up being in coffee shops or restaurants. What one orders can be more telling than they realise.

The kind of food one likes can also offer a glimpse of their personality. For example if one isn’t experimental with their food choices chances are they may be conservative about other decisions in life as well. In comparison those who love to try new cuisines, ingredients and dishes are likely to also be more adventurous. Fussy eaters may display the same quality and lack of accommodating skills in other aspects of life as well.

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One of Bumble’s key dating trends for 2024, is called valcore dating. It highlights the importance of having shared values with a partner, especially when in long-term dating. As per the survey, 85% of women believe it is important to share passions and values with a potential partner. 

The single Indians using dating apps now even have the option of updating their profiles by adding interest badges which shows off their love for their favourite comfort foods such as Maagi, Tea, or even Biriyani. The survey also suggests that 65% of single millennial Indians already actively look for matches on dating apps based on food choices. 

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Bumble’s in-house relationship expert, Ruchi Ruuh has also shared a few ideas on the different kinds of dates that food lovers can plan. This includes booking exclusive or private dining experiences, signing up for a cooking class with your date or attending curated food festivals together. Couples could also exchange notes about heirloom recipes and family food traditions which will bring them closer compared to general small talk.

Other ideas included packing a picnic lunch and eating together at a scenic spot when the weather is right. In Fact a potluck picnic will allow each person to get food that they love and the sharing and exchange can be interesting. Going on a pub crawl, cafe hopping or a dessert date for those with a sweet tooth may be other interesting options to try.