Anushka Sharma Relishes Berries; Here's Her & Virat Kohli’s Diet
Image Credit: Instagram: @anushkasharma

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are truly a power couple. They are not just “#couplegoals” in the way they treat each other, but the way they balance their diet, adopt healthy eating habits, and shift their focus to fitness tells a lot to their fans who ship them. Both of them, individually and together, have talked about their nutrient-rich diet in interviews and on their social media handles as well.

After celebrating Virat Kohli’s big win at the ICC T20 World Cup, Anushka Sharma recently shared a picture of assorted berries on her Instagram handle. The picture included four sections, each filled with different berries, viz, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries.

But apart from the fibre-rich fruits, the celebrity couple is all about clean eating habits. As for Anushka Sharma, she has revealed in many interviews that she avoids eating processed food and has cut down on sugar, dairy products, and gluten. The Bollywood actress prefers to drink almond milk, which is made at home from scratch with soaked almonds and water.

As for breakfast, Anushka Sharma is believed to include eggs, whole fruits, and assorted grains on her plate. For lunch, the Bollywood actor prefers to have lentils, cooked vegetables with gluten-free rotis and a side of salad. In a few interviews, Anushka Sharma shared that she winds up her dinner by 5:30 PM, and she mostly eats sauteed vegetables in the evening.

Coming to the foodie cricketer who belongs to Delhi is known to have sacrificed the famous chole bhature and his favourite street foods to maintain a balanced diet and fit routine. As of now, the former captain of the Indian cricket team is known to have a low-carb and high-protein diet. Some of his common breakfast choices are known to be boiled eggs, omelettes, and salads. His usual lunch plate contains a mix of dry fruits, bread, sauteed vegetables, spinach, and protein shakes.

Virat Kohli is also reported to often indulge in dal and rajma, which increase the protein content in his diet. When it comes to dinner, he tries to balance it with simple ingredients like roti, vegetables, dal, salad, and fruits. He is also known to enjoy smoothies, tofu, sprouts, and green tea.