The Rock And Kevin Hart Take The ‘Tortilla Challenge’

Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock’ has to be one of the most entertaining celebrities to follow on Instagram. The American actor and former wrestler, may look intimidating but he is known to have quite a sense of humour. The actor has also starred in various comedy flicks and hosted SNL thrice. Now to entertain his fans again, The Rock has collaborated with famous comedian Kevin Hart for the ‘Tortilla Challenge’. 

What Is The Tortilla Challenge That Has Set The Internet On Storm 

Like every bizarre social media challenge, this challenge is also very absurd, but super fun to watch nonetheless. The challenge is not to eat the maximum number of Tortillas but to slap one another with one. There’s another catch, you also have to fill your mouth with water and try not to spill any water in the whole ‘slapping business’. Here’s how the challenge went with the two actors.  

The video begins with Kevin Hart giggling, he is visibly nervous at the thought of getting slapped by The Rock, but he also cannot stop laughing.  

“We have seen the kids play this thing where they slap each other with these things.” Hart introduces the challenge.  

“Don’t.. knock me out”, Hart warns Dwayne.

“Should I wet my tortilla”, Kevin asks before grabbing the water bottle.  

“No”, says Dwayne.

They play rock, paper, and scissor and Kevin wins, which mean she gets to slap The Rock first. And he does, but soon breaks into a laugh.  

They go again, Kevin wins the game of rock, paper, and scissors again and cannot stop jumping with joy before he slaps Dwayne with a Tortilla again.  

By this time, he just cannot contain his laughter at the ridiculousness of the challenge, and spits some of the water out, which is caught on the camera. Making Dwayne the winner of the round.

At the end, Kevin also lets Dwayne slap him once with the Tortilla, so that he does not feel left out.  

Well, the video sure had us ROFLing, but it also triggered our cravings for Tortilla. Here’s our favourite Tortilla wrap we will be eating today, try it soon?