The Internet Is Stunned By The French Press Rasam; Learn More

There are plenty of eye-grabbing fusion food trends out there; some go viral, some of them make it to our kitchens but some of them leave the Internet utterly divided. Digital content creator Prabhu Visha shared a snippet of rasam being made in a French press and being served in martini glasses and that was just too much for foodies on the Internet! 

“Most Indians take Rasam with rice however, some takes Rasam in stainless steel cup this is the first time I tried in Martini glass & this feels different,” the creator said in the caption. The clip which has received more than 57K likes in just two days was shot in Chennai’s ITC Grand Chola and featured a member of the wait staff using a French press to make a clear rasam and serving it in martini glasses. But what does a French press have to do with rasam, you may ask. The Internet was naturally baffled too and couldn’t keep the astonishment to themselves. 

“Did he just french press rasam? What next? You gonna latte sambhar,” quipped a follower on Instagram. “Rasam.. is served in a bowl bro… or you mix it with rice what’s this,” asked another follower. However, some followers shared that they had already experienced this number at the hotel and also revealed how this drink is an unforgettable treat! “I had this and it was heavenly.. only one problem once you have it once you might get addicted..” wrote a foodie. 

The drink is actually a distilled tomato rasam which is a signature item on the menu of ITC Grand Chola’s fine diner Avartana, which has won several awards. A few days ago, Avartana ranked #44 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024. The rasam’s broth is poured over fresh coriander leaves and curry tomatoes in a French press before the herbs are filtered out and a clear rasam is poured in martini glasses. The idea behind using a Fench press is similar to filtering a coffee. 

The rasam is allowed to steep for a few minutes, the plunger is pressed down, separating the herbs from the liquid. The French press method allows for a full immersion process, which results in a rich and robust flavour profile, as well as a fuller body so the rasam is infused with maximum flavour. 

In fact, you can even try this technique at home, if you want to impress guests at a party! Simply make your homemade rasam and pour it hot over tomato and curry leaves and let it steep for some time. Pour out the clear rasam in glasses and serve it with the right sides!