Viral: A Cheesy Spin To The Desi Vada Pav Impresses The Internet Impressed
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Filled with cheese, these vada pavs are a great fusion.

The heart and soul of Mumbai lies on its streets. Locals and tourists throng Juhu Chowpatty and Marine drive during evenings. Catching up with old friends or just for a few moments of peace, the beach is everyone’s go-to place in Mumbai. On these streets beside the beach, lie tons of food stalls and small shacks which sell some of the most popular foods of the city, vada pav being one of them. We definitely have the Portuguese to thank since they are the ones who brought the two most essential elements of the dish, pav and potatoes to India. However, it is these locals who turned the ingredients into a flavourful street snack called vada pav today. 

For those untouched by the phenomenon, vada pav is a combination of a crispy potato patty that is sandwiched between a soft bun and slathered with chutney. It usually comes with a thick green chilli and can be easily found in every nook and corner of the city. Given the fascination for adding cheese to every second dish, be it parathas, pakoras, sandwich or subzis, this Mumbai-based vendor has given the desi vada pav recipe a cheesy spin. Shared by @bhukkadbhaiyaji_ on his Instagram handle, the video takes us through the process of how these interesting vada pavs are made. Here, take a look. 

The vendor is a lady called Lata Tai who is famous in Andheri for her cheese burst vada pav. She begins by taking a scoop of the potato mixture and carefully placing a cheese slice in it. She wraps the potato around it in the shape of a ball and dips it in gram flour batter. Then it is deep-fried in hot oil. The pavs are slathered with chutneys and powders along with chopped onions and some crushed cornflakes. The vada is placed in the centre and the pav is pressed together. Once you break it from the centre, the cheese pulls looks droolworthy.

Along with this unique creation which is sold at a price of INR 35, she also sells fusion vadas and chura pavs. Tempted by what she’s been making? Here is another fusion vada pav recipe that brings together pav bhaji and vada pav on a plate. Serve it with fried green chillies, this recipe is delicious.