The 6 Benefits Of Cooking Food On Stoneware
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Early men used to cook on stoneware. It may sound bizarre that, after years of technological revolution, people have decided to go back to using stoneware. However, cooking on stoneware crockery comes with its own set of benefits. Most people are not aware of all these benefits, which is why they are doubtful regarding this new trend. A few hundred years ago, utensils made from stones were the only way to cook food.

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With time, people started making utensils from different materials like metal, glass, clay, and more. During all this, the use of stoneware got lost somewhere. However, it is still a healthier and chemical-free alternative to cooking food at home. Also, stones have the natural ability to enhance the flavour of food. Here are the top reasons why everyone must try cooking food in stoneware at least once.

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* Stone Vessels Are Naturally Non-Stick

Almost everyone in today's age has a preference for buying non-stick utensils and pans. This is because these pans and utensils do not let the food stick to the surface and prevent the burning of the food. Most of these utensils are available at an extremely expensive price on the market.

However, people will be surprised to know that utensils made from stone are naturally non-stick. There is no chemical or synthetic layer present on stoneware to make it non-stick, unlike other utensils available on the market. With time, stoneware becomes even smoother.Even Distribution Of Heat

Stoneware is also able to evenly distribute heat in food and has exceptional heat retention capabilities. This means that all the food that is cooked in stoneware will have uniform flavours and textures. It will always ensure a better amalgamation of flavours as well as the best possible texture. Stones are also able to perfectly absorb heat, which promotes better cooking of food.

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* Easy To Maintain

Stoneware crockery is very easy to maintain. Because of their rustic texture, they can be cleaned simply by brushing them underwater without even using a dishwasher. Even if one is using a dishwasher, it is always recommended to use a very mild dishwasher and not rub anything vigorously.

Stoneware has to be cleaned very gently. One can use a few drops of some aromatic oil to give them a glazing effect and also increase their shelf life. Since these utensils are nonstick on their own, no food particles remain attached to the surface.

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* Helps In Locking Moisture

Stoneware utensils also help unlock moisture properly. Utensils that can retain moisture are very good for cooking food, as food remains soft and edible for a long time. Stones have the natural capability to absorb a lot of moisture, and during the process of cooking, this moisture passes on into the food. This is the reason why food tastes more flavourful and fresh when cooked in stoneware.

* Durability

Stoneware is generally more durable and sustainable as compared to other types of cooking materials that are available on the market. There are a lot of cookware materials, such as glass, clay and plastic, that claim to last a lifetime but get spoiled within a few years or months of purchase. However, stoneware doesn't get worn out or chipped with time. It becomes even more enhanced after being used for a few months. It is also a nature-friendly and sustainable way of cooking food.

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* Free of Chemicals

Most of the brands that sell stoneware utensils do not use any kind of chemicals or synthetic materials while making their written cells. Stones are naturally bestowed with a lot of cooking-friendly properties, which is why there is no need to use any external chemicals or synthetic materials to make them better. This means that they're extremely cooking-friendly and while heating food, no chemicals or artificial materials get transferred into one's food. One can also buy these utensils from local vendors, as they also sell exceptional-quality stoneware. 

* Versatile

Stoneware utensils can be used for a variety of purposes. They're extremely versatile and they can be used for different purposes like roasting, deep frying, baking, and pan frying as well. They can do everything that regular utensils can do and even better than that. A lot of people do not buy stoneware because they think that these utensils cannot perform all the culinary functions. However, it is a misconception, as these utensils are quite versatile and capable of performing all cooking functions.