How To Take Care Of Your Stoneware
Image Credit: Indian kitchens have always had stoneware | Pexels

Our kitchen cabinets are full of steel, aluminium, non-stick and copper utensils. We make all of our food in these utensils without thinking about the authenticity of the taste. In reality, Indian food tastes the best when cooked in clay and stone utensils. But how many of us still use them? What is it that stops us from using stoneware when it is good for health and for the taste of our food? Is it because we find it very difficult to take care of and maintain the stone utensils? If that is the reason that you are still contemplating buying, using and cooking in stoneware or you have heaps of it and do not know how to take care of those utensils, we have some tips and tricks for you. 

Advantages of using stoneware 

Before we move on to how to clean stoneware, let us look at why we should use it - 

  • They are a great investment because they last very long and stand the test of time. 
  • Using stoneware makes sure that the food you cook is evenly heated, so it makes it a fun experience to cook and to eat.
  • Stoneware does not release toxins and hence, it is a healthier option to cook your food in.
  • It does not retain the smell from dishes that have a strong odour like fish, prawns or meat.

It is healthier to eat and drink in stonewear | Pexels

Now, let us look at how to take care of stoneware. 

  • The most important thing about cleaning stoneware is that all of the utensils will have to be brought to room temperature before starting the cleaning process. This is necessary so that the utensils stay intact and do not corrode. 
  • If you have a stone grinder that is traditionally used in Indian kitchens to grind spices, there is a very simple trick for you. The first thing you need to grind on it before using it for other purposes is soaked rice. Grind rice, wash it thoroughly and then use it. It will help you clean the grinder as it removes all the dust particles from it. 
  • If you have a stone wok, that is large in size and you do not use it often, you need to clean it using these steps. Wash the utensil properly and let it dry. Make a mixture of turmeric and oil and put a coat over it. Let the coat be there for 3 days and then scrub it off. Repeat the method twice and your wok is as good as new. 
  • Another method to preserve the quality of your stoneware is by using oil. Scrub your utensil properly and put it on heat to let it dry. After that, coat it with a layer of oil and heat it again. This helps clean your stoneware properly. 

So, now that we know how healthy and efficient cooking with stoneware is and how easy it is to clean it, be ready to invest in it and make cooking a fun experience.