The essence of any Indian festival lies in the rituals and customs with which it is celebrated as well as the special feasts that are prepared on this day. Teej is one such vibrant festival in Hindu culture which spans across three different days and the festival is celebrated to welcome monsoon season. Several desserts like malpua, ghevar and gujiya are prepared in the Hindu households to mark the festival. This year, Teej festivities begin with Hariyali Teej that falls on 31st July. 

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Since Hariyali refers to greenery, the idea behind this Teej is to celebrate the sowing of crops by the farmers. Filled with songs, dance and prayers, the day is joyous one that witnesses indulgent sweet meats and other savoury bites too. Chef Palash Ghosh, Executive Chef of the Taj Hotels and Convention Centre, Agra, shares some delightful recipes that are should be on your festive menu this year. 


For the unversed, malpua is a kind of pancake that is dipped in sugar syrup and cooked as a rich Indian sweet. Here’s a recipe for the same. 


    250 gm refined flour 

    5 gm green cardamom              

    350 ml milk                    

    50 ml ghee                        

    200 gm sugar                    

    150 ml oil                     

    10 gm fennel seeds                 

    50 gm khoya                  

    100 gm curd                    

Malpuas for Teej


1.    Mix the refined flour in a mixing bowl, add fennel seeds and cardamom. Mix well. 

2.    Add grated khoya in the flour and add beaten curd.

3.    Add little water to the mixture for smooth consistency.

4.    Cover it for 45 mins at room temperature. 

5.    Prepare the sugar syrup and keep aside. 

6.    Heat the pan and add oil and ghee for shallow-frying the Malpua. 

7.    Cook the Malpua until golden-brown.

8.    Dip all the Malpuas into the sugar syrup. 

9.    Serve hot. 


A dumpling-shaped dessert stuffed with nuts and khoya, Gujiya is a popular dessert for festivals like Holi and Teej. 


    350 gms refined flour                

    200 gms khoya                     

    5 gms green cardamom            

    50 gms almond                    

    150 gms semolina                     

    100 ml ghee                        

    100 gms sugar                           

    200ml refined oil                

Gujiyas for Teej


1. Mix the flour and make dough, add ghee in the dough. Keep it for 30 min to rest

2. Prepare filling with semolina dry fruits and ghee and sugar 

3. Stuff it nicely and make the Gujiya shape

4. Heat the pan and add oil for deep fry.

5. Fry the gujiyas until golden brown.

6. Serve it at room temperature.