Tara Sutaria’s Comfort Lies In Pizza And Croissant, Here’s Proof
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

For those who are usually on a diet, let’s ask you one thing - how often does it happen that you simply can't resist indulging in our favourite food? No matter how much you try keeping away your favourite pizza, there comes a moment when you give in. Well, it could also be for a slice of decadent chocolate cake, a juicy burger, or a plate of aromatic biryani too. Like many of us, Bollywood actor Tara Sutaria simply cannot resist good food.  

In fact, Tara is one celebrity who most foodies can relate to, as she herself is a self-confessed lover of food. The actor often shares her indulgence on social media with her fans and followers. Contrary to what many would presume looking at her envious physique, Tara isn’t strict with her diet, and occasionally loves to indulge in what her heart craves. At least, that’s what her latest post reveals. The Bollywood diva recently took to Instagram to share a glimpse of her favourite indulgence through a reel and needless to say, it has left us drooling. 

In the short video, we can see snippets of her bingeing on some yummy pizza and croissants, and looking at the video, it seems like these two delights define comfort for Tara. "In case you thought actresses don't eat. All day, every day", she captioned the clip. Take a look:

Well, considering how fit Tara looks, many couldn’t believe that this is true. Rapper Badshah and singer Kanika Kapoor were quick to share their thoughts. While Badshah blatantly said, "Jhooth (Lie)", in the comments section, Kanika said, “Yumm - don’t believe it though”. Tara also reposted the video on her Instagram stories and added a pizza and croissant emoji alongside, saying, "Pizza and croissant baby for life." Take a look: 

Tara isn’t new to sharing her foodie side with her Instagram family, as she keeps her 8 million followers on Instagram updated with what she's indulging in at all times. In an earlier post, she shared a snippet of what she likes to eat when she's sick. Can you guess what it was? It’s none other than the classic Mumbai’s street food - vada pav. In the story, you can spot a batata vada sandwiched between ladi buns. She wrote, "Ain't no sickness a good vada pav can't fix". What do you think of Tara's love for pizza and croissants? Let us know.