Tara Sutaria Finds Cooking ‘Liberating’, Whips Up Chicken Curry
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

When it comes to food, there are many who simply love to indulge in delicious treats. Then, there are those who love to not just eat but also cook and serve others. Actor Tara Sutaria falls into the latter category. Not only does she love eating and experimenting with different cuisines, but is also fond of cooking. 

Tara's inclination towards cooking is well-known, as the actor on various occasions has given us a sneak peek into her culinary adventures. But in her latest Instagram story, Tara revealed how cooking, for herself and others, gives her immense pleasure. Donning the chef's hat once again, Tara showed us her latest cooking shenanigan, as she prepared a delicious meal. Any guesses what she cooked? It will definitely leave you hungry and craving! 

She prepared a yummy-looking Hariyali Gravy Chicken that can make anyone slurp. Looking absolutely juicy and sumptuous, the chicken was made by Tara for her friends and family. “Nothing more freeing, fun, and liberating than cooking and feeding those you love”, she wrote. Take a look: 

Isn’t that quite a stellar meal? Pair it with rice or naan, and a foodie would not be able to resist! Gravy chicken dishes served with naan or tandoori roti and salad on the side is a perfect meal anyone can ask for. In case you are inspired by Tara and planning to kick off the weekend with a delicious chicken curry, here are a few chicken curry recipes you can try.

1. Malvani Chicken Curry  

If you like your meals a bit spicy, Malvani Chicken Curry can be the perfect option to try. Its coconut base is balanced by freshly made Malvani masala, making it an irresistible treat.  

2. Butter Chicken 

One of the most popular chicken curries of India, Butter Chicken has tender chicken chunks marinated in a spice mix and doused in creamy tomato gravy. When paired with rice or roti, it is a heavenly treat you wouldn’t want to miss. 

3. Murgh Rezala 

Rich and robust, Murgh Rezala comes straight out of a Bengali kitchen. Boneless chicken cooked in a rich cashew nut paste, along with khoya and coconut, makes this one a yummy treat.  

4. Chicken Do Pyaza 

It’s a quintessential Punjabi favourite, prepared with freshly ground garam masala, ginger-garlic, kasoori methi, cream, and oodles of spices. As the name suggests, the Chicken Do Pyaza recipe uses a lot of onions. So, make sure to double the quantity of onions as compared to other chicken dishes. 

5. Chicken Xacuti  

A stellar Goan treat, Chicken Xacuti is a spicy curry that features sumptuous chicken chunks cooked in a medley of local spices and herbs. Pair it with rice and dig in.