Tabbouleh: All About Lebanon’s National Food; 3 Recipes To Try

There are some culinary gems that are synonymous with a country’s identity. And if you have ever been to Lebanon, you would know that tabbouleh is synonymous with the nation’s culinary culture. Part of the country’s staple diet, tabbouleh is a refreshing and delicious salad. It is basically made of some refreshing and nutritious herbs, bulgur wheat and spices. No matter what day of the week it is, you can always count on tabbouleh for a wholesome meal. But have you ever thought about its origin? Are you also keen to know where its roots lie? If yes, read on.

Tabbouleh dates back to about 4,000 years ago. It is believed that the salad was an essential part of the diet of the Levant people. Back then, the salad only consisted of herbs that flourished in the hillsides in Lebanon and a few subtle spices. However, with time, people began adding wheat and other filling grains to make the salad more filling and nutritious. This delectable salad is found in most Lebanese vegan and vegetarian feasts. Are you already salivating? Here are three tabbouleh recipes you can try.

1. Quinoa Tabbouleh

Do you even have to think twice before incorporating a superfood into your diet? Well, we don’t think there’s any need to. So, why wait? Try this quinoa tabbouleh and we are sure it will leave you drooling.

2. Cauliflower Tabbouleh

If we begin listing some of the most low-calorie veggies, cauliflower will surely top the list. Low in calories, healthy and delicious, cauliflower is perfect to be incorporated in a refreshing salad. This tabbouleh recipe is perfect for you if you are a weight watcher.

3. Almond Tabbouleh

There’s no doubt about the nutritional benefits of almonds, and adding them to tabbouleh will not only enhance the flavour of the salad but will add crunch to it too. Try this almond tabbouleh recipe to make a delicious and wholesome salad at home and let us know how it turns out.