T20 World Cup 2024: Tricoloured Desserts To Commend India’s Win
Image Credit: Unsplash

Indian Cricket Team made history on 29th June 2024 by becoming the only third team after West Indies and England to win the coveted prize twice in the history of the tournament. The team led by Rohit Sharma won every game in the tournament, thus winning the trophy unbeaten. Virat Kohli clinched the Player of the Match award while Jasprit Bumrah won the Player of the Tournament for their exceptional performance in the competition. MS Dhoni was the previous captain to win the T20 World Cup back in 2007 which also happened to be the inaugural tournament of the shortest format of the game.

It is the ideal occasion to celebrate this famous victory that ended a trophy drought that lasted for more than a decade in a style best suited to be called "Indian." So, what's better than indulging in some delicious desserts that are tricoloured representing the nation's flag colours? It is a great way to reflect the spirit of the country while also celebrating the win.

Tricolour Lassi

Lassi is one drink that genuinely embodies India. Is there a better way to represent the nation's spirit than turning it into tricolour? In addition to making it look better, adding colourful fruits like orange and kiwi will give it a flavour that is really distinct from ordinary lassi. The Kiwi and orange lassi are stacked on top of a tall glass of milk lassi to highlight the colourful layers.

Tricolour Parfait

This is a traditional French recipe that works well for experimenting with various fruits and flavours. The flag's stunning colour scheme is accentuated by the layers of delicious tricolour parfait made of cooked cream, mango, and kiwi chunks. You may replace the fruits with any other fruits of your choice and decorate with mint or basil leaves. Its creamy smoothness releases a flavour explosion with every scoop.

Tricolour Rasmalai

To prepare the spongy sweetmeat, utilise paneer, also known as chenna. After adding sugar and saffron threads for flavour, the balls are dipped in thickened milk. Because of the orangish hue imparted by the saffron and the greenish tint from the green cardamom powder, the dessert is the ideal tricolour.

Tricolour Barfi

Prepared with condensed milk, cardamom powder, fresh coconut, and food colouring, this easy-to-make dessert is a great way to celebrate Team India's victory. This barfi is quick to prepare and keeps for a week in the refrigerator. You may add your preferred nuts and dried fruits to it, and it tastes like butter.

Tricolour Kheer

One of the most often consumed sweets is kheer, which is made on a variety of occasions, including celebrations. So why not savour it to celebrate the World Cup? All you have to do to make tricolour kheer is make kheer according to your regular recipe and divide it into three portions. Add green food colouring to one section and saffron food colouring to another. Layer it according to your preference and enjoy.

Tricolour Fruit Bowl

An essential component of most Indian diets is fruits. Thus, it makes sense to have a fruit-based choice. It is also a tasty and nourishing component of sweet dishes. Fruits like bananas, kiwis, and oranges are frequently used to make tricolour fruit bowls. Yoghurt is another ingredient that some home cooks and chefs suggest using in place of bananas for the fruit bowl's white layer. Because it's so quick and easy to prepare, people love this straightforward, fuss-free entrée.

Tricolour Rabdi

Rabdi is a dessert that you shouldn't skip while celebrating a victory as big as this one. This classic Indian dish is made with layers of creamy malai, thickened milk, sugar, and dried fruits. This tricolour version can be made by stacking green and orange fruits or by making rabdis of various colours and serving them in a classy glass. It is a mouthwatering pleasure that will never be forgotten.