Swiggy Receives A Whopping 40 Million Burger Orders In Past Year
Image Credit: Unsplash

For the occasion of International Burger Day on May 28, the popular delivery platform – Swiggy – shared a report which stated that India had placed orders for a whopping 40 million burgers in the past year. Among this, Bengaluru ranked the highest for placing 6 million orders – the numbers of which have been a noticeable surge. Other metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh also scored high, contributing to the total – with Mumbai at 5 million and Delhi cinching the third spot with 3.2 million orders.

However, what was most interesting to note was an app user from Chandigarh who placed a giant order for 1,146 burgers – cementing the country’s love for this indulgent treat. According to the report, fries and coke were touted to be the most ordered sides with burger orders, while cheese dip and cheese slices rated high as preferred toppings. Unique offerings such as the Beetroot Falafel burger and Rajma Mexicana burger were also some options that caught the eye of many users who opted for the plant-based options.

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Like most of us would imagine, it is believed that dinner and midnight hours were picked by the majority of users to lead a record of 19.5 million orders. This was closely followed by lunch hour users which amounted to a total of 9.6 million orders on the app and the evening snacking hours where the count surpassed 7.4 million. Is this unending love for burgers something you relate to? Tell us what your favourite burger is and where to find it in your city.