Surti Paratha: Master The Art Of This Specialty From Surat
Image Credit: Crazy For Indian Food/YouTube

Gujarati cuisine boasts a diverse array of street foods, from crispy patras to melt-in-your-mouth fafda jalebi. One street food of Gujarat that people often tend to forget though is the inimitable Surti paratha. Exclusive to the streets of Surat, this paratha is truly one-of-a-kind, being equal parts healthy as well as tasty. Essentially, the paratha is stuffed with a mixture of vegetables and cheese; but, what sets this paratha apart from other similar flatbreads is its fascinating sunflower-like shape.

The Surti paratha’s nutritional value coupled with its striking appearance has certainly captured food enthusiasts’ imagination. In fact, a video showcasing the making of this paratha by a street vendor has gone viral with a staggering 6.6 million views. Uploaded on the YouTube channel “Crazy For Indian Food,” the video has garnered mostly positive reception. Many comments are appreciative of the woman shown to be cooking the paratha, praising her hard work and craftsmanship. Commenters are also wowed by the generous helpings of cheese used in the paratha.

The video begins with the young cook grating cheese and mixing raw chopped carrots, beetroots, and cabbage with the cheese. The cheesy vegetable mixture is then seasoned with various spices, namely garam masala, cumin powder, chilli powder, and ginger; salt is added as well. A spicy sauce is introduced in the mixture to make it nice and moist; the mixture is then blended thoroughly by hand by the cook. Next, she proceeds to roll out a part of the whole wheat flour dough and stuff some of the mixture in the rolled out dough.

Image Credits: Freepik

The dough is further rolled till it assumes a firmness and structure, post which it is cooked in oil on a large “tava.” The cook allows the paratha to simmer, giving it periodic twirls, till it takes on a crumbly texture and a rich golden brown colour. The cook’s colleague then slices the paratha into 6–8 pieces with a pizza cutter and the top layer of the paratha is opened up, giving it the signature sunflower shape. Subsequently, a fried papad is crushed onto the paratha and an additional layer of cheese is grated over it too.

Lastly, the server arranges the completed version of the paratha on a steel plate and serves it with three different-coloured sauces, creating a visually appealing and multi-coloured dish. Be sure to try to out this paratha that has taken the internet by storm the next time you are in Surat. The recipe for this paratha is quite straightforward, so it can be attempted at home as well. Treat yourself to a Gujarati feast by attempting to cook the nourishing and appetizing Surti paratha.