Pappu Chaiwala Floors The Internet With His Flipping Skills

After Nagpur’s Dolly Chaiwala, the Internet has found a another unique tea vendor with a few gimmicks up their sleeves. Surat’s Pappu Chaiwala from Surat has garnered attention from foodies on the Internet for his high flipping skills. Rekib Alam aka Pappu who can usually be found at Surat’s New City Lights road, flips almost everything as he makes tea for his customers, be it milk packets or ladles and he even pours the tea from higher up. 

An Instagram reel by features "Surat's famous action chaiwala" which features Pappu tossing milk packets high in the air before emptying them in a vessel with water. His tea costs Rs 10 also has lemongrass and mint. After he adds in the chopped greens, tea leaves, sugar and mixes it in, he pours the mixture into another vessel covered with a cloth in order to strain it. He allows the chai to come to a boil and then pours it from quite a height. 

Netizens couldn’t help note how Pappu shares a similar trajectory with Nagpur’s Dolly Chaiwala who earned widespread fame after being featuring in a video by Bill Gates. Dolly’s clip earned more than 2 crore views within the first 2 days, along with 20 lakh likes. Dolly who runs a tea stall near the old VCA stadium in Nagpur’s Sadar area has become a social media personality after his unconventional way of preparing tea went viral on the internet. He has even hosted celebrities like Bollywood actor Nimrat Kaur and has over 10k followers on Instagram.

After witnessing Pappu’s popularity someone called him, “Dolly ke papa ji.” “I think he is also waiting to meet Bill Gates,” quipped a follower in the comment section. However, netizens were the most impressed with his flipping skills and compared his catching with that f professional cricketers. “His catching is better than Pakistan team catching,” remarked a folower in the comments.